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700 Watt servo drive in just 14 grams

Even we didn't believe it until we saw the test results

AC servo drives

Versatile servo drive ARGON supports virtually any type of industrial servo motor including AC, Brushless DC, Brush DC and Linear motors found in diverse automation applications. Argon can handle motor up to 1.5 kW power.

Miniature servo drives

IONI is a 67×37 mm sized "Swiss knife" of motor control. It drives AC and DC servo motors as well as stepping motors. Possible control methods include position, velocity and torque modes. IONI can handle up to 700 W of continuous power.

Multiaxis drives

IONICUBEs are motherboards for IONI drives enabling effortless installation of the drives. Build multiaxis motion control systems with 1 to 32 IONI drives by chaining IONICUBE motherboards. Schematics available for customization.

Laser diode drivers

Intensify Nx50 is a stackable constant current laser diode bar driver delivering up to 50A CW current. Intensify Nx50 has unique parallel connection capability to scale up continuous and pulsed output current rating to 150 A and beyond.

AC servo drive circuit

What makes us tick

From the very beginning, we wanted to fill the void of remarkably flexible and still affordable servo and stepping motor drives.

  • Limitless approach

We thrive to make universal no-compromise drives which fulfill the needs of virtually any application. No matter if you need position, velocity or torque control operation, or want to use AC, BLDC, DC or Linear servo motor, we make a drive that does it all out of the box.

  • Design it smart

Multitude of time saving features, such as ingenious configuration tools and wire saving sensorless homing with motor travel limits are designed to relieve the work load and cost involved in motion control systems.

How do we roll

The philosophy behind our success is not to compromise reliability of product. Our goal is to design devices that would outlast the creators of the product. This is why we chose the name Granite Devices to indicate the rock solid reliability.

Ruggedizing devices has several important effects. Firstly, it saves the planet from excess waste. Secondly, it saves us from warranty expenses. And last but not least, it makes our customers happy and keeps them coming back to us. 

Low inertia AC servo motor

Will it blend? Try it risk free.

No worries. We give you plenty of time to use the product before you decide whether to keep it or not. Granite Devices accepts product returns within three week period from delivery and pays the full amount back - no questions asked!

Refund policy is world wide and automatically applies to all orders between €200-2 000. For greater amounts, you may request a custom trial period.


Don't take just our word for it

Excellent product's quality, perfect support, continuous development                                                 

- Lyubomir Borisov, PL Control Ltd

Top-notch hardware & easy-to-use software combined with best cost efficiency & great customer support. That's GraniteDevices!

- Martin Ascher, Ascher Racing

Buy with confidence, with Granite devices you won't be left alone with any issues whatsoever.

- Arto Tuisku, Jyrsijä Helsinki

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