Direct Drive pancake motor kit

Granite Devices offers a high torque low RPM motor kit for direct drive applications. The motor utilizes synchronous axial flux permanent magnet design to achieve excellent performance & efficiency at low speeds. Nominal speed range can be increased thru field weakening by increasing the airgap between the stator and rotor. The motor can be operated also as high efficiency generator.

The kit contails a rotor disc (red) and a stator. Stator should be statically mounted to machine and rotor to the actuated shaft. Rotor can be equipped with an encoder or other feedback device to achieve precision high-stiffness servo operation.

  Direct drive motor kit

Technical overview 

  • 70 Nm continuous and 210 Nm peak torque
  • 0-250 RPM rated speed
  • 1700 W continuous motor/generator power
  • Low ripple sinusoidal AC design
  • 88% typical efficiency at full speed & load
  • External diameter 310 mm (max), total thickness 82 mm (typ)
  • Flat NdFeFb magnet rotor
  • Individually customizable windings to match customer voltage/current needs


  • Compact & simplified machine design
  • Eliminates gearing
  • Minimized maintenance
  • Zero backlash in servo application
  • Low noise
  • Large inertia drive cabability


  • Industrial direct drive speed, torque or position control
  • Direct drive robotic arm
  • Precisiong feeding
  • Direct drive power generators (wind, water)

Shipping & availability

Granite Devices no longer sells these items directly. Instead, please contact Axco motors for sales inquiry.