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"Granite Devices has been built around employees lives, not a company where employees have to build lives around a company. Happy employees make happy customers, happy customers make happy shareholders." - Tero Kontkanen, co-founder

Wanted: hacker

Curious to learn what's inside in the top-tier servo drive? Want to put your ideas in motion?

If you recognize your self as a natural born microcontroller hacker, you could now achieve the position of the key developer of Granite Devices. 

We're now hiring the best of the best hacker available to take a major role in high tech servo drive embedded software development. The best suitable hacker to the job could be described with:

  • Natural interest to electronics and hacking
  • Social skills to work with like-minded
  • Embedded programming experience - your C++ running on bare metal or on FreeRTOS
  • Practical understanding of workings of electric circuits
  • Understanding of physics and electromagnetism
  • Knowledge of Linux

An opportunity of your life time

We treat the chosen & proven new core team member as equal to our own. Some of your unique benefits:

  • All our staff gets full salary from 6 hour work day
  • Flexible working hours
  • Have fun with us in some team building activities
  • Everyone in our core team is a share holder, and the new core team member shall not be an exception. The company is 100% owned by employees therefore it will generate maximum benefit for the employees. No dept and no outside shareholders.

Apply now

If your socks just started spinning, make sure to drop your CV to coreteam (at)!

The window of opportunity is open until the vacancy is filled by the first suitable person. Act before it's gone!


Image © debuglive from Youtube