ARGON servo drive

About Granite Devices

Granite Devices is a company manufacturing cost efficient yet cutting edge performance industrial automation components and servo and stepping motor controls. Servo products

We believe in the effectiviness of Open source

We are a group of automation technology experts thriving to develop more open, flexible, effortless and affordable automation and motion control components. We believe that minimizing setup workload of system integrator is becoming increasingly important and that is making us tick.

How we do it?

We believe to achieve our dreams by choosing modern, open and cost efficient technologies when designing the motor controllers.

Flexibility for any application has been ensured by several means. Firstly by opening the source code of the firmware and control software. Secondly by avoiding a large set of fixed functionality that may easily overwhelm the user. By conclusion we prefer to have the core implementation easily modifiable through open source code and interfaces.

Unparalleled cost efficiency has been achieved by carefully optimizing the hardware design without making a single compromise on reliability. Granite Devices hardware is designed to offer an optimum balance between power, bandwidth and ruggedness.

Streamlined setup process minimizes the time consumption of system integrator. Also direct engineer contact to GD support helps to solve any difficulties that may arise.

And what do we offer?

Granite Devices core products are off-the-self servo and stepping motor drives for small and medium power applications. Our product line extends from small PCB form factor drives to wall mounted AC powered drives covering a motor power range from 1 W to 1 kW and beyond.

Granite Devices also develops custom designs for embedded drives to achieve fully seamless integration to customer's end product. For example an award winning electronic pipette where a precision servo drive was implemented inside pipette circuit board and microcontroller with minimal unit cost.