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We greatly appreciate if you write us even when everything worked correctly.
We greatly appreciate if you write us even when everything worked correctly.
Thank you!

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Argon servo drive firmware version 2.0 public beta is available for evaluation.

The changes between 1.4.0 and 2.0.0-beta-1 are:

  • New features:
    • Added Position feed-forward gain parameter PFF - helps to reduce overshoot in position control mode. In previous firmware, this value was fixed to 100%.
    • Simulated encoder output from internal EXT connector (6 pin header) - useful with resolver systems where external controller needs encoder count
    • Homing with index pulse search is now possible with resolver feedback device (simulated index pulse at certain resolver angle(s))
    • Added Torque mode application specific attributes (rotation angle limit)
    • Added support for direction input signal in PWM and Analog setpoint modes
    • Identifies the reason why torque of motor is being limited (such as user limit or supply voltage limit). Shown in Granity Testing tab.
    • SimpleMotion V2 protocol updated to the latest version, new features:
      • added support for watchdog (stop drive if valid SM commands not arriving within predefined time period)
      • calculation of setpoint commands via SM bus renewed (drive setpoint is a sum of phyiscal setpoint (step/dir, pwm, analog etc) and the setpoint from SM host (instant and buffered commands). If SM host sets absolute setpoint, then phyiscal counter (incremental types onle) are reset to zero.)
      • in buffered command execution, now only writing to setpoint commands consume user defined time and all other commands are executed as fast as possible (i.e. now possible to modify parameters on the fly while buffered motion is running)
  • Improvements:
    • Increased continuous current output limit from 11A to 12.5A and peak current limit from 16A to 18A
    • Increased maximum overvoltage level from 382 VDC to 388 VDC
    • Support high encoder resolution encoder (up to 4 000 000 PPR, previously was 65 535 PPR). This makes possible to add SinCos encoder support in the next update.
    • Added new torque bandwidth limit choices: 4700 Hz and Unlimited
    • Phasing a.k.a. phase search algorithm improvements
      • Increased motor swing angle span to allow successful phasing in the case where motor motion is blocked in one direction
      • Increased speed
      • Use more conservative current during phasing to prevent motor heating
      • Earlier timeout if phasing is not going to succeed
    • Improve fault tolerance with Resolver feedback device
    • Improve effectiveness of regenerative resistor
    • Added compatibility for Granity 1.8.0 and later
  • Fixes:
    • Increased internal fixed overvoltage protection threshold to avoid unnecessary overvoltage faults
    • Operation of offset compensation when using Analog input with direction signal



After trying the new firmware and Granity, please give us feedback by writing to tero.k (at) granitedevices.fi. Set email subject to ARGON 2.0 BETA so the feedback messages are easier to identify.

We greatly appreciate if you write us even when everything worked correctly.