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Argon drive achitecture

GraniteCore a.k.a. GC is the motor control core developed for Granite Devices motor drives such as Argon, IONI and ATOMI.

GraniteCore variants[edit | edit source]

Due to underlying hardware differences, the GraniteCore has several variants that also have certain differences in functionality and parameterization.

GraniteCore variant Device models Remarks
G1.0 VSD-A
G1.1 VSD-E and VSD-XE
G2.0 ARGON Dual CPU architecture
G2.1 IONI and ATOMI Single ARM CPU architecture
G3.0 SIMUCUBE 2 and newer motor drives Single ARM CPU architecture

GraniteCore major variant numbers such as G2.x together very similar from user perspective, however some differences exists and these are identified in parameter descriptions in Granity user guide.

Note that GraniteCore variant is fixed to underlying hardware type, it is not same as firmware version and variant will not change in firmware upgrades.

About Argon architecture[edit | edit source]

Argon consists dual CPU architecture which run in tight synchronism and have different tasks:

I/O side CPU
  • Feed GraniteCore with real time data consisting
    • Position & velocity feedback device data
    • State of physical inputs (enable, clear faults, hall sensors etc)
    • SimpleMotion V2 commands to read/write parameters
  • Interface different types feedback devices and setpoint inputs
  • Handle SimpleMotion V2 communication
  • Display device state via digital outputs and LED indicators
  • Based on ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller running at 120 MHz

Benefits of the architecture[edit | edit source]

  • I/O side CPU has open source firmware allowing end users to implement additional drivers for feedback devices and/or create stand-alone servo drive applications without external Controller.
  • Isolation between the processors is more cost efficient and flexible than isolation individual I/O signals directly to high voltage side (a typical solution in the market)

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