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Ionicubesteeltable m.jpg
Device type 4 axis motherboard for IONI drives
Model number IONICUBE
Supported motors AC, DC, BLDC, Linear, Stepper
Control modes Position, Velocity, Torque
Status Active production, started 2015
DC supply voltage Same as IONI specifications
Compliance CE (EMC & LVD directives)
3D model


Video showing three axis CNC control with IONICUBE and IONI drives

IONICUBE is a 1-4 axis motherboard for IONI Servo Drives. IONICUBE provide four slots for IONI drives as well as terminals and connectors for motor power, feedback devices, I/O and SimpleMotion V2.


IONICUBE has been designed multiaxis robotic systems such as CNC machines in mind. On-board features include:

  • Carry up to 4 IONI drives
  • On-board regenerative braking resistor
  • Support end-of-travel switches and homing switches
  • Motor holding brake outputs & drivers for each axis
  • Two 26 pin I/O and setpoint signal connectors
    • X4 connector is directly connectible to traditional CNC controllers (parallel port, SmoothStepper etc).
    • X5 connector for extra I/O for drives and analog setpoint inputs for custom applications
  • No separate break-out-boards needed
  • Charge pump enable input for safety
  • E-stop switch input (safe torque off)
  • PWM to 0-10V converter for VFD spindle
  • Two drivers for external relays
  • ARGON Servo Drive compatible encoder connector pin-out
  • RJ45 connectors for SimpleMotion V2 usage and configuration
  • On-board 1.5A 5V regulator to power drive logic and feedback devices

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