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*Qualified electrician skills
*Qualified electrician skills
*Basic knowledge of servo systems
*Basic knowledge of servo systems
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The list of necessary things to build a working servo system with IONI
  • IONI drive and a compatible motherboard such as IONICUBE, IONICUBE 1X or a custom board
  • SimpleMotion V2 USB adapter
  • 1 or more RJ45 Ethernet cables (see details & examples)
  • Regulated 24 VDC power supply, output capability at least 0.5A per motherboard
  • Regulated or non-regulated 5-52 VDC power supply for motor power. Output capability depends on motor power draw. If unsure, then a good start is a power supply between 300 to 600 Watts for a multiaxis motherboard.
  • A IONI compatible motor
  • Shielded power conductors as motor power cord. Non-shielded will also work but increase EMI and may be source of communication errors.
  • Windows PC
  • Motion controller. This may be also a software on a computer.
Optional but highly recommended items
Needed for high current motors (>5A average)
  • A cooling fan
Tools needed
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wire cutter
Skills needed
  • Qualified electrician skills
  • Basic knowledge of servo systems