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The main difference between IONI and IONI Pro is that Pro model will get more advanced functions as downloadable upgrades.

Available exclusive IONI Pro features
  • SinCos 1 Vp-p encoder support
  • Motor torque cogging & ripple compensation
  • Notch filter for advanced vibration damping
  • Power consumption limit (useful with switch mode power supplies)
  • Homing function and soft travel limits that work in all control modes, not just position control mode
  • Torque mode effects: damping, friction and inertia (useful in simulator applications)
  • SimuCUBE simulator motherboard support
The planned IONI Pro features are

The planned features are implemented as user downlodable firmware. Firmware upgrades are free.


The table below summarizes the full list of realized differences. All base features are available in all models. For full list of features, see IONI specifications.

Max output current (AC/BLDC/Stepper) 15 A 18 A 25 A
Max output current (Brush DC) 23.4 A 30 A 30 A
Supply voltage range 5-52 VDC 5-52 VDC (Rev1)

5-55 VDC (Rev2)

5-55 VDC (all revisions)
Feedback device (i.e. encoder) resolution 100-15000000 P/R with incremental encoders 100-15000000 P/R with incremental encoders. For absolute serial encoder (BiSS, SSI), see details at Using serial data feedback device.
Max encoder count rate 0-4 MHz 0-18 MHz
Pulse and direction setpoint frequency 0-4 MHz 0-8 MHz
Quadrature setpoint frequency 0-1 MHz 0-2 MHz
Sin/Cos encoder support No Yes, selectable resolution interpolation factor 16X, 64X or 256X
SSI absolute encoder support No Yes
BiSS absolute encoder support No Yes
Motor torque cogging & ripple compensation (anticogging) No Yes
Notch & peaking torque filter (advanced machine resonance attenuation) No Yes
Motor homing function availability Yes, in position control mode Yes, in position, velocity and torque control modes
User definable HV DC bus power consumption limit No Yes, 1-1000 W at 1 W steps
SimuCUBE support No Yes
Torque mode effects (simulator applications) No Yes

Note: specifications and planned updates are subject to change without notice.

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