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** Improved response time and smoothness of commutation angle calculation. Might affect (namely improve) torque control dynamics performance in some cases.
** Improved response time and smoothness of commutation angle calculation. Might affect (namely improve) torque control dynamics performance in some cases.
** If {{param|FBD}} selection is "Serial data encoder", then home switch inputs are remapped to CHA and CHB input pins from LIM+ and LIM- pins. CHA is the positive limit switch input, and CHB the negative limit switch input.
** If {{param|FBD}} selection is "Serial data encoder", then home switch inputs are remapped to CHA and CHB input pins from LIM+ and LIM- pins. CHA is the positive limit switch input, and CHB the negative limit switch input.
|Motor tuning may be affected by this version so re-tuning motor may be beneficial. However it is unlikely to be required.

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This page lists the official firmware releases of the IONI Servo Drive and the change log.

Upgrading firmware

Read instructions from Granity user guide/Uploading a firmware.


  • Firmware release version - a firmware file with .gdf name extension that contains the firmware firmware
  • Version code - the version shown in Granity
  • Change log - the list of changes made since the previous package version.
  • Remarks - Notes
Firmware release version Date Version code Change log Remarks Criticality
1.0.0 15.3.2015 1050
  • Initial version
1.0.1 19.3.2015 1052
  • Address an issue where device may trigger watchdog reset under heavy use
1.0.2 11.4.2015 1054
  • Fixes
    • Fix Phasing a.k.a. phase search current calculation when Thermal time constantMTC is set below 400 seconds. Avoids too high current flow to motor.
    • Fix overcurrent condition observer (OC fault was not always triggered when it should).
    • Fix incorrect setpoint scaling when using Setpoint smoothingCIS Setpoint smoothing function (before 1.0.2 CIS caused setpoint to incorrectly scale by 1:2)
    • Fix functionality of GPI5 input (homing start)
    • Fix override parameter function (more info: Reading and writing an arbitrary parameter with Granity)
  • Improvements
    • Reduce Phasing a.k.a. phase search current to avoid motor heating at initialization
    • Improve open loop stepping motor performance
    • GPO3 (fault output) will be push-pull instead of open drain when electrical interface is set Standard (for IONICUBE 1X compatibility)
    • IONI Indiegogo campaign drives have 18 Amp maximum current limit instead of 15 A (serial number based)
Important upgrade due to overcurrent protection fix and phasing current calcuation fix. Very high
1.0.3 12.4.2015 1056
  • Fixes
    • Fix clear faults command by Enable signal in IONICUBE electrical interface mode
    • Fix PWM setpoint operation after setpoint source has been changed from pulse/direction to PWM
  • Improvements
    • Stepping motor has automatic current reduction/boost depending on whether motor is standing still or rotating (switch between configured continuous and peak current).
1.0.4 13.4.2015 1058
  • Fixes
    • Address an issue where Achieved torque readout & graph was showing only zero
  • Improvements
1.1.0 download 15.4.2015 1060
  • Fixes
    • Fix incorrect (too high) current scale for Brush DC motors
  • New features
  • Improvements
    • Extend the maximum range of resistance and inductance parameters from 32 ohm & mH to above 100 ohm & mH
The new feature requires Granity V 1.6.0 Medium (High for DC motor users)
1.2.0 download 4.5.2015 1062
  • Fixes
    • Address an issue where overspeed fault (parameter Over speed faultFEV) has no effect and not causing fault
  • New features
  • Improvements
    • Increase feed-forward gain sensitivities: velocity FF Velocity feed-forward gainVFF sensitivity is 30 times higher, and acceleration FF Acceleration feed-forward gainAFF is 300 times higher than before
    • Increased Phasing a.k.a. phase search algorithm motor swing to allow successful phasing in the case where motor motion is blocked in one direction
    • Motor inductance & resistance measurement function (introduced V1.1.0) adjusted to be less sensitive to motor motion during the test
The SinCos support requires Granity V 1.7.0

Note: if acceleration or velocity feed-forward gain parameters are non-zero, re-tune the AFF and VFF gains after upgrade!

1.2.1 download 3.6.2015 1064
  • Fixes
    • Address an issue where GPI5 did not start homing
    • Fix signal offset compensation calculation in PWM and Analog setpoint modes (applies when Setpoint offset nullingCAO is non-zero and Enable direction inputCED is enabled)
  • Improvements
    • Reduce sensitivity of gain parameters to suit better for very high resolution feedback devices:
      • Velocity P gainKVP and Position P gainKPP have sensitivty of 1/5 compared to to earlier firmware (to preserve old gain, multiply old gain values by 5 after upgrade)
      • Velocity feed-forward gainVFF has sensitivty of 1/10 compared to to earlier firmware (to preserve old gain, multiply old gain value by 10 after upgrade)
    • Increased maximum value range of gain parameters from 32767 to 300000
Note: adjust KVP, KPP and VFF values after upgrade! See change log for details. Low
1.2.2 download 23.6.2015 1068
  • Fixes
    • Stepper motor mode no longer reduces motor current in steady velocity motion (reduction occurred when a long motion setpoint was commanded via serial command)
    • Target reached status made to work properly
  • Improvements
    • Homing current limit Motor current limit during homingHMT parameter is now effective also in stepper mode
1.2.3 download 15.7.2015 1070
  • Fixes
    • Fix PWM+Dir setpoint mode (was giving only setpoint zero in FW 1.2.1 and 1.2.2)
  • Improvements
    • Drive current limit increased to 18 A in IONI Pro model
1.3.0 download 2.11.2015 1080
  • New features
  • Fixes
    • Avoid overcurrent problem after Phasing a.k.a. phase search with high current motors
    • Allow outputting the 18 A current on IONI Pro (was still limited to 15 A in previous version)
    • Servo ready status updated correctly now
    • Addressed an issue where GPO5 output did not change state
    • Reduced sensitivity to overcurrent fault when using DC motor
  • Improvements
    • Drive current limit increased on DC motor mode on all IONI models:
      • 19.5 A on IONI
      • 23.4 A on IONI Pro
      • 30.0 A on IONI Pro HC
    • Added possibility to disable hard stop detection in homing (set zero to Hard stop detection thresholdHMH)
    • Position mode error recovery motion mode now uses velocity limit Acceleration limitCAL, not Homing acceleration limitHMA
    • Hard-stop homing parameterizing made more logical - now Offset move after homingHMF can be left zero without issues
Requires Granity V 1.9.0 Low
1.3.1 download 25.11.2015 1082
  • Improvements
    • Reduced torque control noise (audible). Noise reduction is active when Torque bandwidth limitTBW is set 680 Hz or less.
1.4.0 download 31.12.2015 1084
  • Improvements
    • IONI Pro HC model maximum output current in AC/BLDC/Stepper modes increased to 25A (was 23A)
    • Re-implemented torque controller using 32 bit floating point arithmetics instead of integer arithmetics (at least theoretical precision improvement)
    • DC motor mode no longer requires parallel connection of drive output phases if current is at most 50% of drive's maximum output current capability (sensitivity of overcurrent fault with Fault ID 440219 is greatly reduced).
  • Fixes
    • Changed limit switch polarity: earlier limit switches needed to be normally open (NO), while drive specifications say that they are normally closed type (NC). Now limit switchers are NC (switch conducting -> motion allowed, switch open -> motion stops).
    • Fix an issue where AC/BLDC motor initialization could become incorrectly phased when Hall sensors are enabled
    • Address an issue where torque was 5% lower than setpoint with TBW parameter value of 4700 Hz
  • Test the upgrade with caution due to significant internal changes
  • If system uses limit switches, they need to be wired differently after upgrade, or disable them with LFS parameter
1.5.0 download 8.5.2016 1092
  • New features (IONI Pro/Pro HC only):
    • Notch/peaking filter for torque setpoint
    • Torque mode effects added: damping, friction and inertia
    • Homing function that works in all control modes
    • Power consumption limit parameter added (allow setting maximum power driven to motor)
    • SimuCUBE support added in Electrical interfaceCEI. In SimuCUBE mode:
      • STO input acts also as Enable and Clearfaults input
      • Regenerative resistor drive algorithm is tuned for SimuCUBE (tip: use 48 VDC PSU and set Over voltage fault thresholdFOV to 49-50V)
      • Power consumption limit is smoother in SimuCUBE mode than in other modes
  • New features (all models):
    • Support for fast setpoint command added in SimpleMotion V2 protocol
    • In torque mode the Tracking error capture channel now displays the difference between raw unfiltered setpoint and realized actual torque in milliamperes
  • Improvements
    • Smoother multi-axis operation in buffered motion stream mode (SimpleMotion V2)
    • Drive now performs a self-test of the internal RAM of controller at every power-on
  • Fixes
    • Address an issue where fault location 6601 was rarely induced after power-on
  • Test the upgrade with caution due to significant internal changes
  • Use Granity V1.10 or later to access the new features
1.5.1 download 6.6.2016 1094
  • Improvements
    • Operation of regenerative resistor drive enhanced in SimuCUBE Electrical interfaceCEI mode
  • Fixes
    • Address an issue where homing could act erratically (i.e. perform homing twice in a row while one homing is requested)
    • SimpleMotion watchdog/keepalive feature fixed (was broken at 1.5.0)
1.5.2 4.8.2016 1096
  • New features
    • It is now possible to use torque cogging & ripple compensation parameters for open loop stepping motors to reduce stepper noise and vibration
    • New safety feature: monitoring of actual torque vs target torque. If torque is significantly above torque setpoint (i.e. loss of torque controller stability occurred), then drive will stop in over current fault with Fault location 442001
  • Improvements
    • Eliminated motion glitch during motor initialization
    • Enhanced open loop stepper signal processing: motor will stay quiet at stand still at any angle (note: KVI and KVP values need to changed, see Using stepping motor with IONI for details.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed buffered motion stream glitch that could sometimes cause corruption of instant SimpleMotion command return values while buffered motion is running. Typical symptoms of this glitch are Fault location 480501 and skipping of motion samples.
    • Addressed instability of torque controller with high coil resistance motors
In open loop stepper mode, update KVI and KPP parameters according to page Using stepping motor with IONI Medium
1.5.3 download 11.8.2016 1098
  • Fixes
    • Addressed V1.5.2 velocity feedback bug when using Sin/Cos encoder. Symptoms were instability of velocity and position control mode and instability of torque mode effects.
See also notes of 1.5.2. Medium
1.5.4 download 8.9.2016 1100
  • Improvements
    • General purpose inputs (GPI-pins) of drive are now noise/glitch/debounce filtered. Now digital input state change requires that signals stays stable for 10 milliseconds before it is interpreted as state change.
    • Prevent overloading of regenerative resistor by the means of:
      • Drive will not enable regenerative resistor until HV DC bus voltage has been within valid voltage range with 2% safety margins from Under voltage fault thresholdFUV and Over voltage fault thresholdFOV at least once
      • Pulsing frequency of regenerative resistor has been increased
      • Maximum heat load of regenerative resistor in SimuCUBE mode has been reduced
  • Fixes
    • I²t protection time scale is corrected (earlier versions had wrong scale in Thermal time constantMTC meaning that the protection was bit too conservative, by about 20% difference)
It may be necessary to decrease FUV and/or increase FOV parameter values to make drive initialize as the new changes requires 2% safety headroom for these values versus actual supply voltage.

I.e. for 48.0V supply voltage, the FUV value should be less than 48*0.98=47V and FOV should be greater than 48/0.98=49V.

In practice, make allowed voltage range at least 0.5V wider to allow supply voltage variation, like FUV=46.5V and FOV=49.5V or greater.

For more information, see Configuring drive voltage limits FUV and FOV

1.5.5 download 19.12.2016 1102
  • Improvements
    • Support changing limit switch polarity (requires Granity 1.10.2)
    • Limit switch polarity default setting changed. Now default setting assumes normally closed switches, instead of normally open type.
    • Added soft current ramp-up for open loop stepping motors
    • Tracking error warning flag is now controlled also in torque mode (of torque error is greater than 25% of peak current parameter MMC, the tracking error warning flag goes logic true)
    • SimpleMotion bus baud rate now resets to the default if connection watchdog timeout occurs
  • Fixes
    • Address an issue where I²t protection did not react (in some cases allow motor overheating)
1.5.6 download 16.1.2017 1104
  • Improvements
    • Overcurrent fault with Fault location 402001 can not occur any more if Over current toleranceFOC is set to Maximum
    • Increased error tolerance for Fault location ID 250101
  • Fixes
    • Address an issue where SimpleMotion bus connection may get interfered by usage of bus watchdog feature
Maximum FOC setting is still safe value for drive. Low
1.5.8 download 14.2.2017 1108
  • Improvements
    • Support for new production run IONI drives (a requirement for drives manufactured after 1.2017)
    • Support for custom 7 axis motherboard added (similar to IONICUBE but customer design)
This, or later version is required for drives manufactured after 1.2017 due to minor hardware change. Installing older FW version on such device will cause update error and requires re-update. Low
1.6.0 download 3.8.2017 10600
  • New/improved features
    • Support for serial feedback devices have been added. These include:
    • Scope capture feature improvements:
      • Scope allows setting pre-trigger delay to capture events that occur before the selected trigger
      • New trigger source: external trigger. This is triggered by state change of clear faults and home switch physical inputs.
      • Scope setup is now saved in drive flash
      • Offline scope feature introduced: saved scope settings allow downloading rarely occurring events when Granity is not connected (see Downloading offline scope capture in Granity)
    • Homing feature now supports optional second home switch/hard stop approach motion from user defined direction to improve homing repeatability when home switch has significant hysteresis or when high homing velocity is being used.
    • Added automatic single-click configuration of optional motor Hall sensors. By using this method, Hall sensors and motor phases may be wired in any order and still achieve working configuration. The benefit of utilizing Hall sensors is the elimination Phasing a.k.a. phase search during initialization of AC/BDDC motors and ability to start motor under any mechanical load.
    • Added support for Hall sensor angle offset calibration to maximize motor torque sensitivity even with inperfectly aligned Hall sensors.
    • Added optional audible status change notification beeps (motor plays sound when initialization is complete)
    • Error detection against excessively fast toggling Direction input in pulse & direction setpoint mode (i.e. incorrectly wired pulse/dir signals)
    • Increased torque ripple compensation range to sin/cos 50x from 12x (TRF1/TRF2 params)
    • Reduced time delay from enable signal to motor becoming active
    • Support for SimuCUBE revision 2 boards added. GPO2 output will be always logic 0 if Electrical interfaceCEI is set to SimuCUBE in order to enable SimuCUBE revision 2 fan output
  • Fixes
    • Fix clearfaults issue when faulted/disabled motor is located out of HHL/HLL bounds after homing and CRV=0 (unable to clear fault because setpoint was inside limits and motor beyond follow error threshold). Now motor is driven to nearest HHL/HLL limit at homing velocity.
    • Avoid resetting devices faults & status registers
    • If device restart happens due to insufficient logic voltage or firmware watchdog trigger, drive will now requires software enable command to initialize for safety reasons
    • Status bit servo ready now waits also that drive's power stage is ready for active operation. Before this the servo ready flag was set true approximately 50 ms before it should have been set.
1.6.1 download 30.8.2017 10601
  • Fixes
    • Correct readout of certain BiSS C encoders

download removed, use 1.7.1

30.1.2018 10700
  • New features/Improved features
    • New buffered motion stream clock synchronization method. Reduces average time difference in buffered multi-axis interpolation under 50 µs.
    • New motor regeneration method in SimuCUBE mode. Reduces heating of regenerative resistor on SimuCUBE.
    • Improved effectiveness of encoder signal crosstalk and static noise filtering in SimuCUBE mode.
    • Absolute encoder support
      • Support motor Phasing a.k.a. phase search by utilizing absolute encoder (BiSS/SSI encoders) on rotary motors
      • Support homing by utilizing absolute encoder position (no motion on homing necessary, just read & set position from encoder)
    • Support for position and velocity control on Hall sensor only added (no encoder required if Hall sensor is present)
    • Improved behavior of hard-stop homing: now motor does not perform velocity deceleration once hard stop is detected (drive does immediate stop instead)
    • Parameter Torque bandwidth limitTBW now has effect also when Motor typeMT is Stepper and Feedback deviceFBD is other than None (a.k.a. closed loop stepper motor mode 2). This may help tuning motor and improve motor stability.
    • The automatic stepping motor current reduction from run to idle state is now done with smooth transition to eliminate "snap" sound on mode change
    • Add support for velocity control of Brush DC motor without any sensors (back EMF based)
    • Reduced 2.5 kHz noise on moving motor when other type than digital quadrature encoders are used
      • This also smoothens operation of motors that run on Hall sensors only (Feedback deviceFBD set to None).
    • Torque mode effect bandwidth is dynamically adjusted based on installed encoder resolution to utilize higher resolution if available. This might add little bit noise but should make effect feel more realistic.
    • Extended Inertia effect parameter range: now it's also possible to set negative inertia effect value to reduce inertia of the system, instead of adding.
  • For SimpleMotion developers
    • Added support for new SimpleMotion CB1_FORCE_ENABLE flag to ignore missing physical ENABLE signal to the drive (usage: write flag bits CB1_ENABLE and CB1_FORCE_ENABLE together to parameter SMP_CONTROL_BITS1).
    • Drive now ignores all writes to SMP_CONTROL_BITS2 variable
  • Fixes
    • Fixed possible rare erratic drive behavior caused by assembly code syntax error
    • Fixed calculation of power used in Maximum peak powerMPP thus improving accuracy of the maximum peak power feature.
Force enable drive button in Granity older than than 1.14 will not have any effect due to SimpleMotion changes.

Update: 1.7.0 contains couple of new bugs (see 1.7.1 notes). Upgrade to 1.7.1 recommended.



14.2.2018 10701
  • Improvements
    • Added more detailed fault reporting protocol, with full backwards compatibility. New feature needs software support to become useful, i.e. future Granity version.
    • Improved scope capture Capture on fault trigger. Now capture is triggered only on the first fault and does not trigger while fault state is already on.
  • Fixes
    • Fix open loop stepping motor support (in some configurations it was broken in 1.7.0)
    • Fix faulting at high output currents. With FW 1.7.0 an unexpected over current, short circuit or under voltage fault occurred at approx 12A on IONI/IONI Pro and 25A current level on IONI Pro HC.


27.2.2018 10702
  • Improvements
  • For SimpleMotion developers
    • Parameter SMP_ACTUAL_POSITION_FB_NEVER_RESETTING is now initialized with absolute encoder value so absolute position can be read from device before homing


3.5.2018 10704
  • Improvements
    • Introduced smooth transitions to motor output current throttling based on device temperature rise (no rattling noise when current gets throttled due to device running hot)
  • For SimpleMotion developers (for technical details, refer to simplemotion_defs.h at GitHub)
    • Implemented new Control Bits for drive state control
      • SMP_CB1_BYPASS_TRAJPLANNER - used for temporariliy disabling acceleration limit of drive without modifiying the value of Acceleration limitCAL, useful when doing buffered motion stream control
      • SMP_CB1_QUICKSTOP_SET and SMP_CB1_QUICKSTOP_RELEASE - used for halting motor motion without disabling/enabling the drive. Quickstop attempts to stops motor in all control modes in controlled manner, however it's not a substitute for STO.
      • SMP_CB1_CLEARFAULTS - alternative method for resetting drife fault state
    • Added new status bit STAT_STANDING_STILL to indicate motor that is stationary
    • Added possiblity to change data format of smFastUpdateCycle API call used in hard real-time motion control applications. Now user can choose to use the new fast update cycle format where output (host to drive) data contains:
      • 28 bits absolute setpoint
    • and input (drive to host) data contains:
      • 30 bits absolute feedback value
      • 2 status bits (STAT_FAULTSTOP and STAT_SERVO_READY)
  • Fixes
    • Fix an issue where consequent homing starts may not work after Control modeCM was changed during on-going homing (previous homing is now properly aborted on change mode change)


8.5.2018 10705
  • Fixes
    • Fix an issue SimpleMotion watchdog feature (SMP_FAULT_BEHAVIOR, when enabled) could trigger without valid reason and cause communication error.
This fixes connection issues especially when using smFastUpdateCycle function with SM bus watchdog enabled (i.e. temporary loss of connection & consequent position loss in SimuCUBE usage) Medium



22.5.2018 10706
  • Fixes
    • Fix an issue where position feedback value could be non-zero after drive initialization when using SinCos feedback device. The bug first appeared on 1.7.4.


20.6.2018 10707
  • Fixes
    • Fix regenerative overvoltage fault issue that occurred with certain motors in SimuCUBE mode



11.2.2019 10709
  • Improvements
    • Regenerative algorithm improvement, provides solution to an over voltage fault in certain conditions for SimuCUBE users
    • Removed time delay from STO event to mechanical brake release, brake is now released immediately after STO
  • Fixes
    • Resolved open-loop stepping motor instability issue when both Invert directionAXI and Invert feedback directionFBI were enabled
    • Reduced SinCos encoder signal voltage level requirement helping SinCos encoder to successfully operate with all known SinCos encoders. Affected users will yield improved encoder precision with this fix.


31.5.2019 10710
  • New fetures
  • Improvements
    • Setting new motor current limit will now take effect immediately instead of being slowed down by a smooth tansition function
  • Fixes
    • Fix BiSS encoder readout error occurring on some BiSS encoder models right after motor Phasing a.k.a. phase search sequence
    • Fix I²t protection (Thermal time constantMTC was not having any effect in earlier 1.7 versions)
    • Fix erroneous overriding of SMP subpacket access status (per command status was always 0=ACK even when writing invalid value to parameter, only cumulative status indicated the access error). This may affect specific case of error checking in some SimpleMotion apps that are also incorrectly accessing parameters that do not exist in drive (no such cases where such error checking method is used are known).



9.1.2020 10711
  • Improvements
    • Make setpoint smoothing filter Setpoint smoothingCIS to have effect also in velocity control mode (before applid only to position control)
    • Reset motor I²t protection when motor current limits Continuous current limitMCC or Peak current limitMMC are changed (except not reset if Electrical interfaceCEI is set to Simucube mode). This prevents unnecessary overcurrent error with fault ID 140600 in special cases.
  • Fixes
    • Added small delay between the initialization of serial encoder and the first encoder read to prevent errors with some BiSS/SSI encoder types
    • Fix an glitch where position offset could be accumulated after fast control mode changes

download removed, use later version instead

21.1.2020 10712
  • Improvements
    • Reason for drive delaying initialization (wait for proper conditions) is now displayed as Fault location number
  • Fixes
    • Fix the still occasionally occurring 140600 fault location of 1.7.11 version due to motor I²t protection

download removed, use later version instead

14.4.2020 10714
  • New features
    • Simucube Static force reduction filter ported from Simucube 2 (will be added in upcoming Simucube 1 software release)
  • New developer features
    • Added new SMP_RAW_QUADRATURE_ENCODER_POSITION_FB SimpleMotion parameter to allow reading quadrature encoder in all operating modes
    • Added support for 24 bit ALT4 fast update cycle format (Simucube specific)
  • System improvements
    • Added on-the-fly stack memory usage monitoring to enhance firmware ruggedness
    • Recalibrated stack memory pool sizes
    • Updated FreeRTOS kernel
    • Updated to GCC 9 code compilation
  • Fixes
    • Fix an bug that caused 1.7.12 firmware to freeze at initialization with specific feedback device configuration.
    • Fix GPO3 pin (fault output) polarity, now it active fault sets GPO3 to logic low as specified
The fixed bug might be related to stack memory usage and may affect also other cases. Upgrade is recommended for all users experiencing any unexpected drive behavior. Medium


17.4.2020 10715
  • Fixed bugs present only in V1.7.14
    • Fix erroneous current scale of IONI Pro HC model
    • Fix occasional triggering of newly added 192111 fault location (stack memory usage monitoring)
    • Fix occasional changing of SimpleMotion address after drive restart
This is mandatory upgrade for 1.7.14 users. High


14.5.2020 10716
  • Fixes
    • Fix potentially malfunctioning of GPO1 & GPO2 pins



11.11.2020 10718
  • Fixes
    • Added missing status update of STAT_QUICK_STOP_ACTIVE
    • Fixed Simucube wheel offset problem that made it difficult to center the wheel during the start-up. Affects only users with incremental encoders (not BiSS/absolute encoder users).


14.6.2021 10720
  • Improvements
    • Improved response time and smoothness of commutation angle calculation. Might affect (namely improve) torque control dynamics performance in some cases.
    • If Feedback deviceFBD selection is "Serial data encoder", then home switch inputs are remapped to CHA and CHB input pins from LIM+ and LIM- pins. CHA is the positive limit switch input, and CHB the negative limit switch input.
Motor tuning may be affected by this version so re-tuning motor may be beneficial. However it is unlikely to be required. Low

Beta releases

Version Date Version code Change log Remarks
No beta releases at the moment - - - -

Known bugs & limitations

Bugs that are known in the latest FW revision:

  • Setpoint smoothing does not have effect in velocity or torque modes (only position mode)
  • Install firmware button in Granity does not always have effect with IONICUBE (4 axis). Workaround: insert jumper in position 3 of JP10 and restart 24V power to force devices in firmware upgrade mode. This minor issue affects only first production run IONI drives shipped around April 2015 to June 2015.
  • Overcurrent fault with Fault location 402001 may cause false alarms on some setups. Improvements in future firwmare are planned. If problem occurs, as workaround set Over current toleranceFOC to Maximum.

Credits, copyrights and third party software

Several fantastic pieces of open-source software have helped get IONI firmware to where it is today. For fur list of credits, see Third-party licenses.