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Lists few of commonly used motors with SimuCUBE. The list has only few examples that may be used as reference when choosing a motor.

Please note, that these settings files are just templates that include the very basic motor settings. At least the following need to be adjusted according to the user's configuration to use these files successfully:

  1. FOV Over Voltage Fault Threshold has to be set to minimum of 102% of the supply voltage, i.e. for 48.0 V power supply, 49.5 V is recommended to have some margin.
  2. FOC Over Current Tolerance has to be increased to Very High or Maximum. The motors typically will not initialize with the latest IONI servo drive firmwares using these configuration files.
  3. Feedback device (encoder) settings have to be adjusted to match the feedback device in use.
  4. FEV Over Speed Fault Threshold has to be adjusted so that the motor does not generate a fault condition if user turns the wheel too fast. In Granity, a threshold value of minimum of 6 rotations per second as indicated next to FEV field can be used as a guideline.

If you have suggestion of motor to this list and can share your experiences and/or configuration files, please let us know at Granite Devices support.

Manufacturer Model Suppliers Peak torque Encoder resolution Recommended IONI SimuCUBE configuration file(s) IONI configuration files (s)
MiGE 130ST-M10010 See Obtaining MiGE servo motors 20 Nm 2500 PPR IONI Pro / IONI Pro HC Mige 130ST-M10010, 2500 PPR, reduced torque. See notes 1 & 3.
MiGE 130ST-M10010 See Obtaining MiGE servo motors 20 Nm 5000 PPR IONI Pro / IONI Pro HC Mige 130ST-M10010, 5000 PPR, reduced torque. See notes 1 & 2.
MiGE 130ST-M15015 See Obtaining MiGE servo motors 30 Nm 2500 PPR IONI Pro HC Mige 130ST-M15015, 2500 PPR, reduced torque. See notes 1 & 3.
MiGE 130ST-M15015 See Obtaining MiGE servo motors 30 Nm 5000 PPR IONI Pro HC Mige 130ST-M15015, 5000 PPR, reduced torque. See notes 1 & 2.
Lenze MCS12H15L 29 Nm 4096 PPR IONI Pro HC


  1. This is a template settings file and requires final adjustments after testing. See Configuring IONI drive in SimuCUBE for guidance. Template file notes:
    • This configuration file has intentionally reduced current setting (Continuous current limitMCC and Peak current limitMMC) to reduce motor's torque (safer when testing settings). Once tests succeed, you may increase these current limits to get more torque.
    • Maximum peak powerMPP is a default value, change this according to your DC power supply power rating.
    • Torque mode effects are disabled by default, see Granity Tuning tab and click Show advanced settings if you wish to use effects generated by IONI drive
  2. In MMos settings, setup according to Configuring MMos for SimuCUBE and optionally enable "Use Encoder Index".
  3. In MMos settings, setup according to Configuring MMos for SimuCUBE and set Encoder CPR to 10000, and optionally enable "Use Encoder Index".

Motor considerations[edit | edit source]

Follow these instructions how to calculate the maximum theoretical torque that is available from a specific motor. Please note, that this is rough estimation for static operation, and does not work for dynamic motion. This calculation assumes 48 V PSU and 93 % power conversion efficiency for IONI (worst case).

Check the motor datasheet for the following:

  • Winding resistance
  • Torque constant/coefficient

Max_torque_output = torque_constant * (32.2 / winding_resistance) [Nm]. The 32.2 is the maximum phase-to-phase RMS voltage with a 48 V PSU.

PSU_requirement = (max_torque_output/torque_constant)^2 * winding_resistance * 1.5 / 0.93 [W]. Replace the max_torque_output with the motor peak torque, if the latter is smaller.

Here are results for the most common motors.

Motor Winding resistance Torque constant Peak torque Irms @peak torque Irms max Achievable torque PSU requirement
Mige 130ST-10010 2.7 Ohm 2.2 20 Nm 9.09 A 11.93 A 20.0 Nm 360 W
Mige 130ST-15015 1.1 Ohm 1.58 30 Nm 18.99 A 17.68 A 27.9 Nm 555 W
AKM 52G 3.7 Ohm 1.79 21.5 Nm 12.01 A 8.70 A 15.6 Nm 453 W
AKM 53G 3.97 Ohm 2.39 29.7 Nm 12.43 A 8.11 A 19.4 Nm 422 W
Lenze MCS12H15L 230 V 1.41 Ohm 1.4 29 Nm 20.71 A 17.68 A 24.8 Nm 711 W

If the calculated maximum torque is less than the motor peak torque, then it is not possible to achieve the specifies motor peak torque.

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