Firmware file format (.gdf)

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File format byte by byte[edit | edit source]

All multibyte integers are stored LSB first.

GDF version 300[edit | edit source]

Header[edit | edit source]

IDString - 4 bytes, always="GDFW"

BLFileVersion - 2 bytes, value=300

TargetDriveType - 2 bytes, Argon=4000, Ion=11000, Atomi=14000

HostFWbytes - 4 bytes, number of bytes for STM32 CPU

GCFWbytes - 4 bytes, number of bytes for GraniteCore CPU or 0xffffffff if not included

Data[edit | edit source]

Data of HostFW begins. Amount of bytes is HostFWbytes

Data of GCFW begins. Amount of bytes is GCFWbytes

File checksum[edit | edit source]

FileCksum - 4 bytes calculated from the current file. Simply sum of all unsigned bytes in file except CKSum itself

GDF version 400 - draft[edit | edit source]

Header[edit | edit source]

Version 400 described below:

        /* GDF version 400 format
         * ----------------------
         * Note: GDF v400 is not limited to firmware files any more,"
         * it can be used as general purpose data container for up to 4GB data chunks.
         * Binary file contents
         * --------------------
         * bytes  meaning:
         * 4	ASCII string = "GDFW"
         * 2	GDF version = 400
         * 2	GDF backwards compatible version = 400
         * 4	File category = 100 for firmware files  (value range <2^31 is reserved and managed by GD, range from 2^31 to 2^32-1 are free for use by anyone for any purpose)
         * 4	number of data chunks in file = N
         * repeat N times:
         * 4	data chunk descriptive name string length in bytes = L
         * L	data chunk descriptive name string in UTF8
         * 4	data chunk type
         * 4	data chunk option bits
         * 4	data chunk size in bytes=S
         * S	data
         * end of repeat
         * 4	file's CRC-32
         * data chunk types
         * ----------------
         * 0=target device name, UTF8
         * 1=firmware name, UTF8
         * 2=firmware version string, UTF8
         * 3=remarks, UTF8
         * 4=manufacturer, UTF8
         * 5=copyright, UTF8
         * 6=license, UTF8
         * 7=disclaimer, UTF8
         * 8=circulation, UTF8 (i.e. customer name)
         * 20=unix timestamp divided by 4, S=4
         * 50=target device type ID range, S=8
         *   first 4 bytes are lowest supported target device ID, i.e. 11000=IONI
         *   second 4 bytes are highest supported target device ID's, i.e. 11200=IONI PRO HC
         * 100=main MCU FW binary, S=any
         * 101=main MCU FW unique identifier number (this value is also readable from target device over SM bus), S=4
         * 102=main MCU FW required HW feature bits, S=4
         *     helps to determine whether FW works on target
         *     device version when compared to a value readable from the device.
         *     0 means no requirements, works on all target ID devices.
         * 200=secondary MCU FW binary, S=any
         * note: firmware may contain many combinations of above chunks. in basic case, it contains just chunk type 100 and nothing else.
         * data chunk option bits
         * ----------------------
         * bit 0: if 1, GDF loading application must support/understand the chunk type to use this file
         * bits 1-31: reserved

For practical reading software implementation, see devicedeployment.c from SimpleMotion library.

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