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Welcome to user project blogs! Have something cool to share? Any length article is percetly ok. Just a single chapter and photo is accepted as well as lengthy articles.

Start your own project blog here[edit source]

If you'd like to share your project utilizing any Granite Devices product, feel free to star your project page in here. To create an project Wiki article:

  1. Register an user account in order to be able to upload images. Registration takes only few seconds and doesn't even require email address.
  2. Think a name for your page. Page name must begin with User project:. For example suitable name would be User project: Tero's CNC mill
  3. Enter the page name to search box and hit enter
  4. No results will be found but search page offers a link to create the page, click it and you're in editor view
  5. Enter some text contents to the editor. For syntax help, see Wikipedia:Help:Wiki markup
  6. Add following code at end of your article: [[Category:User projects]]. Without it, page won't be shown at User projects page. You may add this also later.

See also: Adding Infobox to user project page


In addition to the original author, also Granite Devices Oy owns all rights to the contents entered in this Wiki. This means that Granite Devices is allowed to do whatewer they want to the contents contributed to this Wiki. Don't contribute if you don't agree. However, our intention is to be nice :)

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