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Power supplies and drives have capacitors that store electricity even when power supply has been disconnected from the power network. This poses electric shock hazard when touching a device, or its wiring, that has been recently unplugged from the power line.

Safely discharging Argon drive[edit | edit source]

Argon (servo drive) has internal power supply bleeding resistor that will discharge the capacitors during 5 minutes after AC power has been removed.

To safely discharge Argon voltages:

  1. Remove power from J4 connector (both L and N lines). This can be done for example by unplugging the power cord from wall socket where the power comes from.
  2. Wait at least 3 minutes after de-energization to allow capacitor voltage discharge.
  3. Measure a DC voltage between VN and VP terminals of J4 connector with a multimeter rated at least up to 600 VDC as the worst case drive internal HV voltage may be over 400 VDC. Voltage has been successfully discharged if VN-VP voltage is less than 5 VDC.

Discharging 24 VDC supply does happen instantly after 24 V has been removed. However, this does not affect AC side discharge in any way.

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