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The definition of inductance
Granity setup software has a motor resistance and inductance measurement function that works with IONI drives.

Using automatic measure is the new recommended approach to set Coil resistanceMR and Coil inductanceML parameters accurately even when motor data sheet would provide these values. This is because many data sheets unfortunately provide inaccurate values. Some manufacturers have apparently characterized motor inductance at high frequency range (hundreds of kHz) which typically gives a value more than 50% off from the real inductance in typical laminated iron motors.

Checklist[edit | edit source]

To successfully measure, following conditions must be met:

  • Motor type selected
  • Motor connected and parameterized (except MR and ML can be any value)
  • Power on and enabled (any control mode)
  • If Brush DC motor, motor shaft must be mechanically locked in place

Device status must have all of following bits on:

  • Initialized
  • Enabled
  • Run
  • Voltages good

Device status must NOT have any of the following bits on:

  • Fault stopped
  • STO active
  • Permanent stop
  • Error recovering
  • Homing

Execution[edit | edit source]

To start measurement, click "Measure resistance & inductance" button. The procedure takes about 10 seconds to complete and if sucessfull, the Coil resistanceMR and Coil inductanceML parameters will be updated by the measured values.


Troubleshooting[edit | edit source]

If the function fails and Under voltage fault is set, it typically means that HV DC power supply has been overloaded and caused drop of voltage. In such case, try setting motor current limits (MMC and MCC parameters) to a lower value and click Apply before executing the measure function.

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