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Connecting a protective earth to Argon drive is the most crucial single connection to be made:

  • Earthing through the J4 PE terminal (always required)
  • Earthing the heat sink (always required)
  • Earthing the device case (always required)

Earthing through the J4 PE terminal[edit | edit source]

This is a mandatory connection. Follow the Argon wiring instructions.

Earthing the heatsink[edit | edit source]

Earthing points of the heatsink
Proper earthing wire installation with toothed locking washers ensure an electrical contact through surface coatings.

Attaching protective earth wire to the heatsink and case is mandatory in addition to the PE connection in J4 terminal. Parts needed:

  • 1 pcs wire ring terminal with 4-5.5 mm hole with at least 20 Ampere capable earthing conductor
  • 2 pcs M4 serrated/toothed lock washers
  • 1 pcs M4 screw, 6-8 mm thread length

Earthing the enclosure[edit | edit source]

Part needed:

  • 1 pcs M4 wire ring terminal
  • 1 pcs M4 serrated washer
  • 1 pcs M4 regular washer
  • 1 pcs M4 screw

After fixing the earthing wire, measure the connection to verify proper contact through the Argon paint.

Earthing the Argon enclosure.

Verifying connection[edit | edit source]

After wiring, verify electrical connection by using a resistance meter between the case PE wire and J4 PE terminal while J4 PE wire is not connected.

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