Installing Qt SDK from scratch

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Installing open source Qt with compiler and IDE for Windows may be done by following the steps below.

Installation steps[edit | edit source]

  1. Navigate to and download the latest Open Source Qt installer.
  2. Launch the installer and make sure that a Qt library (4.x or 5.x), Qt Creator and MinGW has been selected
    Qt installer win.png
  3. Click next to begin installation
  4. All done! Launch Qt Creator

Using an example project[edit | edit source]

Opening and building[edit | edit source]

  1. Open the project (.pro) file from Qt Creator
  2. If the project is opened first time, a following style dialog will show up
    Qt open project.png
  3. Check that correct Qt version has been ticked. In this case we installed MinGW compiler, so choose it. Untick all other Qt versions.
  4. Click Configure project.
  5. Now the project is open and may be browsed and edited
    Qt build project.png
  6. Hit Ctrl+B to build a project or Ctrl+R to run it

Editing[edit | edit source]

To create new controls in the GUI, expand Forms from the projects pane and doubleclick the .ui file. In this example we add a button to the GUI:

  1. Double click .ui file to open a UI editor
    Qt edit ui.png
  2. Drag'n'drop a Push button from left side list to the UI
  3. Double click the new button to the change the text from "Push button" to anything you want on it. Also rename the object from the right side pane (objectName line).
    Qt newbutton.png
  4. Select the button and right-click it to and choose Go to slot...
  5. Choose clicked() from the list and click Ok.
  6. A new function will be created to the code. The code will be executed on when the button is clicked.

The generated code looks like:

void MW::on_mybutton_clicked() {


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