Intensify Nx50

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Intensify Nx50
Device type Laser diode driver
Control modes Current control
Status In production & available from stock
DC supply voltage 12 ± 1 VDC
Output current range 0.1 - 50A × number of stacked boards
Setpoint signals Analog reference for current control, Digital signals for enable & pulsing
Protections Over temperature, under voltage, short circuit, ESD, laser diode protection
LD forward voltage 0.8 .. 5.0 VDC
Ripple current (typ @ 50A) 0.2A RMS, 1.25A pk-pk
Dimensions 94×77.5×15 mm (3.7"×3.1")
Configuration tool No software tools needed
Web site Intensify product site
3D model IGES, STEP & 2D PDF

Intensify Nx 50 is a compact stackable constant current laser diode bar driver featuring the latest multiphase switched-mode topology delivering up to 50A continuous current at unforeseen efficiency. Parallel capability allows stacking multiple Intensify boards to scale up the current to 150A and beyond. Intensify is intended for OEM applications such as fiber laser pumping, laser tooling and laser diode burn-in.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Nx50 is one of the first laser diode drives deploying an state of the art high frequency three-phase switching converter. Each driver has three switching regulator running in separate time phases to minimize output ripple and passive component sizes.

  • Designed for CW/QCW laser bar driving
  • 50 A, 250 W constant output per board
  • Small form factor of 94×77.5 mm / 3.7"×3.1"
  • Parallel by stacking, scale to 150 A and beyond
  • Laser diode current & voltage spike protection
  • Overtemperature, undervoltage, ESD and short circuit proof
  • Fully differential analog 0-10 V setpoint input
  • Current and voltage monitor 0-10 V outputs
  • Pulsing via digital pulse input or analog modulation
  • OEM friendly pricing

Technical specifications[edit | edit source]

Power[edit | edit source]

Three Nx50 boards connected parallel by stacking
Nx50 (single board) efficiency vs load current at various laser diode forward voltages
Property Value Units Remarks
Supply voltage 12 ± 1 V
Supply current 0.1 - 23 (1) A Depends on output power
Max output power 250 (1) W 50A @ 5.0V
Output voltage 0.8 - 5.0 V Determined by laser diode voltage drop
Output current 0 - 50 (1) A Continuous rating
Efficiency 96 % Efficiency when IO > 20A and VO = 5V

(1) For single Nx50 board. Multiply this by the number of stacked Nx50 boards.

Timing properties[edit | edit source]

Property Value Units Remarks
Pulsed LD current rise time 0.5 typ ms Current rise from 10% to 90% of setpoint
Pulsed LD current rise time 0.6 typ ms Current fall from 10% to 90% of setpoint
Enable delay < 60 ms From disabled to enabled state
Disable delay < 2 ms From enabled to disabled state
Power-up/down sequence Any order. Any I/O line states not causing spiking above setpoint

Inputs/outputs[edit | edit source]

List of I/O[edit | edit source]

  • Enable, digital 5-24V logic
  • Pulse, digital 5-24V logic
  • Current setpoint input, analog 0-10 V
  • Current monitor output, analog 0-10 V
  • Voltage monitor output, analog 0-5 V

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Property Value Units Remarks
Current setpoint voltage 0..10 V 0..10 V sets LD current between 0..50 A (1)
Current setpoint input impedance 51k (2) Ω Differential input
Current monitor output voltage 0..10 V 0..10 V represents LD current between 0..50 A
Current monitor output impedance ≤ 1k (2) Ω
Voltage monitor output voltage 0..5.0 V Represents LD voltage drop 1:1
Voltage monitor output impedance ≤ 1k (2) Ω
Enable input voltage
  • Logic LOW: -0.3..0.6 V or open circuit = disabled
  • Logic HIGH: 4.5..26 V = enabled
V Enable is 5V, 12V and 24V logic compatible
Pulse input voltage
  • Logic LOW: -0.3..0.6 V or open circuit (IO=100% of setpoint)
  • Logic HIGH: 4.5..26 V (IO=3.5% of setpoint)
V Pulse is 5V, 12V and 24V logic compatible. When Pulse input is logic HIGH, outputs current is directly defined by setpoint, logic LOW reduces output current to 0.0035*setpoint.

(1) For single Nx50 board. Multiply this by the number of stacked Nx50 boards.

(2) For single Nx50 board. Divide this value by the number of stacked Nx50 boards.

Mechanical & environmental[edit | edit source]

Property Value Units Remarks
  • 94×77.5×15 (PCB)
  • 107×77.5×15 (with J1 hooks)
mm W×H×D
Operating temperature range -40..85 °C Non condensing. Output rating may derate at high temperature without forced convection
Reliability MTBF 1.2 106 Hrs Per Bellcore TR-332 50% stress, Tamb = 40 °C
ESD protection Exceeds ESD Protection to IEC61000-4-2 Level 4, ±12 kV discharge All I/O lines

Purchasing[edit | edit source]

Intensify Nx50 is available from stock through Granite Devices web shop. Item ships world wide.

Setup guide[edit | edit source]

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