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Granite Devices' products are built to last – and we have faith in their longevity. If your hardware breaks within warranty period, Granite Devices will repair or replace them free of charge if the failure happens due to:

  • manufacturer's assembly defect
  • defective component(s) inside
  • flaw by design
  • dead on arrival

Repair service is not free if there are signs of damage being caused due to improper use or handling. In any case you're free to ask our advice through support center.

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Warranty periods[edit | edit source]

Most of our products come with 12 or 24 month standard warranty period unless otherwise agreed at the moment of sales.

Delivering products to service[edit | edit source]

Customer pays the shipping of returned items to Granite Devices (to Finland). All returns are evaluated after received, and if the service is found to fall withing warranty, Granite Devices pays the return shipping of repaired/replaced items to the customer.

Product life time[edit | edit source]

Granite Devices products are built from high quality components only with notable oversizing to yield 15-25 years of estimated operational life when used within specified ratings and operating conditions.

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Without written consent, Granite Devices' Products or Intellectual Property shall not be used in situations or installations where living beings, material property, or immaterial property could be harmed by the operation, features or failures of Product. Products may only be used in a way where hazards like moving parts, electric shock, laser radiation, or fire can't be realized even if the content of this Wiki would suggest otherwise.