SimuCUBE stuck in DFU mode

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If SimuCUBE is always stuck in DFU mode, then see the following instructions and notes below.

Simuicube stick dfu troubleshooting.jpg

Hardware testing instructions


  • If the switch fails to make contact (resistance always higher than 1kOhm), then it is the likely reason for the problem.
    • Try to operate switch several times to make possible corrosion to disappear.
    • Reason may be also a solder defect in the switch (bottom of the board), check visually the soldering. It can be also tested by multimeter: measure the resistance between the switch lead and the board golden pad of the same switch lead (for both leads separately). These resistance should be always under 1 Ohm if the soldering is good.
  • Unused SimuCUBE from factory will contain a special firmware that will place the device in DFU mode regardless of DIP switch setting. So another reason for persistent DFU mode may be that uploading of main firmware has failed, and the factory default FW is still inside.

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