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SinCos encoder is an position feedback device similar to quadrature encoder, except instead of outputting digital square waves/pulses, it outputs analog voltages with sinusoidal shape. This signal may be interpolated to yield higher resolution than the equivalent digital signal. Various Granite Devices drives support SinCos encoder feedback out of the box without additional converters or modules.

Configuration[edit | edit source]

Wiring[edit | edit source]

Follow your drive's encoder wiring guidelines to connect an SinCos encoder. I.e. for IONICUBE and SimuCUBE products, see encoder wiring table at IONI & IONICUBE user guide/Wiring_overview. For other products, find their equivalent documentation from this wiki.

Relevant parameters[edit | edit source]

To use SinCos encoder with analog sine and cosine voltage outputs, select the SinCos encoder from Granity's feedback device list Feedback deviceFBD. The interpolation factor determines how many times the resolution is increased from the base resolution. Choices are:

  • 16X = equals resolution of encoder which has 16 times higher line count than non-interpolated encoder. I.e. 1000 lines encoder would yield 1000*4*16=64000 counts/rev resolution.
  • 64X = equals resolution of encoder which has 64 times higher line count than non-interpolated encoder. I.e. 1000 lines encoder would yield 1000*4*64=256000 counts/rev resolution.
  • 256X = equals resolution of encoder which has 256 times higher line count than non-interpolated encoder. I.e. 1000 lines encoder would yield 1000*4*256=1024000 counts/rev resolution.

In addition to choosing interpolation factor, the feedback device resolution parameter Feedback device resolutionFBR need to be set accordingly: multiply the base resolution with interpolation factor. I.e. with 1000 line encoder and 16X interpolation, set FBR to 16000.

Setting parameters[edit | edit source]

  1. Choose Feedback deviceFBD SinCos encoder with desired interpolation factor
  2. Update feedback device resolution Feedback device resolutionFBR to match the new setting (see details in above)
  3. Check and update velocity/acceleration limits if needed

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