Custom electric drive company

Shrink your motion control to the bare minimum

We wanted to groom the excess and boost the crucial

Miniature servo drives

IONI, the "Swiss knife" of motor control, cuts the excess and focuses on the crucial. It drives AC, DC and Linear servo motors as well as stepping motors. Possible control methods include position, velocity and torque modes. IONI can handle up to 700 W of continuous power.

Modular multiaxis drives

IONICUBE motion motherboards simplify the motion control system based on IONI drives. Build multiaxis motion control systems from 1 to 32 IONI drives by chaining IONICUBE motherboards. IONICUBE schematics are open source for custom designs.

Simulator force feedback

Granite Devices' major spinoff from industrial performance motor controllers has lead into creation of world premiere steering wheel force feedback system - the SIMUCUBE 2. Loved by most respected professional race car drivers.

Efficient laser diode driver

Intensify Nx50 shrinks high power laser diode drivers to a bare minimum by utilizing parallel-connectivity and 97% efficient power conversion. Nx50 delivers up to 50 A continuous laser current per board and scales up to 200 A current. Ideal for laser diode bar driving.

Challenging the direction of the industry

From the very beginning, we have believed in building drives without excess and enhancing the essentials.

  • Only do the things that are right

Our core values are, One) Make no compromises, especially when it comes to device ruggedness or it's core functionality, Two) Sell only devices that one would choose to use by them-self over anything else, Three) Release a product only after it's finished — no deadlines are given or taken.

  • Software defined hardware is the key

Smart construction of hardware allows putting nearly all functionality in the embedded software. This is cool because replicating software has zero cost and also allows us to further develop the devices without reinventing the hardware. It also allows tailor made set of functionality whenever the customer needs it.

  • Sustainable future is the only future

Maybe the best of all is, the chosen approach will cause the minimum environmental strain due to smarter and minimized construction. We trust there is no negotiation with the planet, and some day it will take back the excess whether we wanted or not. Smartly built devices do not only save our planet, they save your wallet too.

IONI in hand
AC Servo motor

How do we roll

Regardless of minimal hardware designs, the key philosophy behind our endeavor is not to compromise the reliability or safety of the product. Our goal is to design devices that eventually would outlast us,  the creators of the product. This is why the name Granite Devices was given — to give identity to the rock solid reliability.

Ruggedizing devices has several important effects. Firstly, it saves the planet from excess waste. Secondly, it saves us from warranty expenses. And last but not least, it makes our customers happy and keeps them coming back to us. 

Will it blend? Try it risk free.

No worries. We give you plenty of time to use the servo & stepper drive products before you decide whether to keep it or not. Granite Devices accepts product returns within three week period from delivery and pays the full amount back - no questions asked!

Refund policy is world wide and automatically applies to all orders between €200-2 000. For greater amounts, you may request a custom trial period.


Don't take just our word for it

Excellent product's quality, perfect support, continuous development                                                 

- Lyubomir Borisov, PL Control Ltd

Top-notch hardware & easy-to-use software combined with best cost efficiency & great customer support. That's GraniteDevices!

- Martin Ascher, Ascher Racing

Buy with confidence, with Granite devices you won't be left alone with any issues whatsoever.

- Arto Tuisku, Jyrsijä Helsinki

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May 12, 2021

Granite Devices assigns new board members. Text in Finnish only.

Emerging Granite careers

Aug 14, 2020

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Career: Senior Software Developer in Simucube Team

Apr 11, 2021

As member of software developer core team, you will design, implement, test and benchmark software implementations of Granite Devices products. Based on your personal preferences and skills, you will have a chance to participate in multiple projects based on variety of technologies, tools and platforms. You will be supported for acquiring new skills.

Granite Devices is thrilled to be the game changer in the world of Sim Racing equipment!