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About Granite Devices


"In 2006 I needed servo drives but I was surrounded by the cumbersome or inflexible choices on the market. I saw it better to build my own." - Tero Kontkanen, co-founder of Granite Devices

Story of passion

The story begins from the enthusiastic hobby project of our co-founder, Kontkanen Tero, M.Sc. (Tech.). Kontkanen had a project to build a seriously performing CNC mill/router. By chance, he came by a set of very nice AC servo motors but lacked suitable servo drives. After realizing that the affordable and available choices were too limited, or simply unsuitable for the enthusiastic project, Kontkanen continued digging deeper to the inner workings of a servo motor. After a while he realized that a fully competent AC servo control was attainable with just a handful of the newest electric components by the help of sophisticated real-time algorithms.

This idea led to a year long project to accomplish a simple yet fully capable AC servo motor drive with state of the art high bandwidth field oriented control (FOC). As the project gained plenty of followers living in the same situation, and as it would have been pity to keep it all by him self, he started producing the drives available to anyone in the world at a fair price.

Since one of base philosophies of founder's work was to make things rock solid reliable, and flawless in operation, the name Granite Devices was chosen. The basis for all doing was the focus on robustness and essentials without needing wasteful designs.

So far the chosen path has been proven fruitful, and Granite Devices has gained a solid global follower & customer base. Granite Devices' creations are being used in over 40 countries spread over all continents.

As of today, the original founders of Granite Devices are still personally in charge of inspiring the creation of enthusiastic designs and thriving to exceed customer's expectations.

"Granite Devices has been built around employees lives, not a company where employees have to build lives around a company. Happy employees make happy customers, happy customers make happy shareholders." - Tero Kontkanen, co-founder

How we tick

An unusually high cost efficiency of products combined with high technology and quality provide unparalleled advantages to OEM customers. Granite Devices is entitled to establish long term relationships with customers and provide professional support through target product's life cycle.

We strive to serve customers the best possible ways prior and after sales covering the whole lifetime of target application. Technical questions are directly answered by product design engineers to guarantee the most experienced support. 

Granite Device's core strength is professional engineering staff who can be described as motion control enthusiasts. High motivation and perfection of work leads to unparalleled cost and quality efficiency in our R&D activities.

Long term commitment

Granite Devices is in a long term agreement with reputable electronics manufacturing services to assure product availability over extended periods of time even after product's most active life cycle. Additionally, Granite Devices is open to B2B agreements to guarantee mission critical product availability for pre-defined period of time.

Nested in the middle of genius minds

Granite Devices is proudly located in Tampere, Finland, in a area often denoted as the silicon valley of the Scandinavia. In the very same premises we are now, Nokia made the world's very first GSM phone call and changed the human civilization forever.

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