Embeddable servo motor drives & controls

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Will you be our rising star core team leader, senior software developer, marketing manager, content creator, production specialist or maybe electrical or mechanical engineer?

Is Granite Devices right for you?

Are you eager to work in a passionate team with some of the brightest people in Finland? Do you prefer to contribute your excellence in team where team cohesion, respect of one’s opinion, and employee well being and quality of life are the company's first priority? And do you like to work in a relaxed manner with flexible working hours, remotely or locally? Read more about employee benefits.

If that sounds good to you, act now. The fact that we're still a small small company just starting our 2021's hiring round in order to fuel our recent major breakthroughs, means there's a brief opportunity to gain a very significant role in our core team. 

What kind of people are we looking for?

We only hire people who are persistent, self-motivated, take ownership of their work, and are driven by curiosity and challenge. We value self-acquired skills as well as formal education.

Don't miss out your dream job

Granite Devices & Simucube is in growth state and is actively recruiting hungry and talented people. Generally we always welcome superstars who share our core values and contribute to make our dreams come true.
Let us know what kind of role you're looking for and we'll let you know when we have a vacancy that is a match for you!

If you feel this is not for you, do you know someone who might be interested?

Let your friends know about these fine core team opportunities. If the person you affected gets hired at Granite Devices for at least 6 months, you will be granted a €1000 headhunter's bonus, or at your choice a Simucube 2 Pro. To get your prize, ask your friend to refer you in the job application, or contact us promptly after he or she gets hired.

It's worth noting that even sharing this career in your social media will make you eligible to the bonus if the hired person gets found that way. Thank you for sharing this!

Note: potential taxes or duties are not covered by the prize.

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