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IONI Servo & Stepper Drive

IONI drives virtually any type of industrial servo motor including AC, Brushless DC, Brush DC, Linear servo motors and stepping motors from 5 Watt to 700 Watts.

Whether the application requires position,velocity or torque operating mode, IONI handles them all out-of-the-box. Built-in motion profiler enables simple point-to-point moves as well as continuous synchronous motion tracking.

Miniature OEM servo drive boards IONI

The Swiss knife of motor contol

See how IONI changes the way servo & stepping motors are controlled in 2016

Multiaxis stepper drive board
  • Build low cost multiaxis systems

Chain IONICUBE motherboards to form 1 to 32 axis systems. Install them centralized or distributed to near motors.

  • Advantage of high dynamic range torque control

One drive to rule them all - thanks to High Dynamic Range Torque control, IONI seamlessly drives motors from 5 W to 500 W with ultimate smoothness

  • Eliminate axis limit switches

Internal axis homing function with sensorless hard-stop detection mode and soft travel limits eliminates the need of physical end-of-travel switches and their wiring

  • Relax, you can rely on it

Device protections include over current, short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, over temperature and I2t protections and communication error detection

The value of simplicity

IONI reduces the number of motion control components to the bare minimum. A typical PC controlled multiaxis system can be implemented by using direct USB or RS485 driven SimpleMotion field bus to the servo drives. The same bus carries a dedicated safety stopping circuit without additional wiring. The wiring scheme is  compatible with ARGON drive allowing mixing different kinds of drives.

In addition to SimpleMotion bus, IONI also reads traditional control signals, such as pulse & direction, PWM, and analog velocity reference out of the box. In such case, SimpleMotion is only used for drive configuration with Granity.

Motion control system with USB interface

Part of your system

Commands to IONI servo drive can be delivered in many formats and from many sources, such as PC, PLC, microcontroller (i.e. Arduino, MBED and OEM boards) or embedded computers like Raspberry Pi. IONI understands several forms of setpoint commands:

Motion controller scheme
  • Step & direction digital signals (typical stepper drive interface, good for position control)
  • Analog +/-10V signal (good for speed or torque control)
  • PWM signal (good for speed or torque control)
  • RS485 serial bus (talks SimpleMotion bus protocol, open source library available)

Small outside, big inside

IONI servo drive was made possible by utilizing the latest and greatest components available today. This do not only save space, but also drastically reduce number of parts to be paid and fail.

IONI is solely made out of the highest grade components from the most reputable hi-tech companies such as Texas Instruments, ST Microelectronics and Fairchild.

IONI in hand

Everything included

Hardware of IONI has been designed from ground up without any historical payload. This not only costs less but also yields unforeseen flexibility and reliability.

Encoder, SinCos, AC, BLDC, DC, STO, Homing
Technical details

Function Description
Servo/stepping motor drive Closed loop control of various types of servo motors by sinusoidal field oriented control with dead-time distortion correction and high dynamic range torque control.
  • Synchronous AC & BLDC motors
    • Sinusoidal and trapezoidal commutated
    • SPM (Surface Permanent Magnet) and IPM (Internal Permanent Magnet) types
  • Brush DC motors
  • Linear motors
    • Iron core
    • Ironless (with external inductive filter)
  • Stepping motor, 2 phase (4,6 or 8 wires)
Control modes
  • Torque control
  • Velocity/speed control
  • Position control
Setpoint types

See setpoint signal / reference inputs list

Closed loop Cascaded control loops (PIV):
  • Torque / current control, update frequency 20.0 kHz
  • Velocity control, update frequency 2.5 kHz
  • Position control, update frequency 2.5 kHz
Feed-forwards Feed-forwards working in velocity & position control modes:
  • Acceleration (inertia canceling) feed-forward
  • Velocity (friction canceling) feed-forward
Homing Integrated homing function for position control mode:
  • Sensorless hard-stop homing
  • Home switch search
  • Index pulse search
  • Soft position limits (eliminate limit switches)
Feedback devices See feedback devices list
  • Safe torque off with 3-way redundancy
  • Charge pump enable input
  • Stopping motor on errors
    • Tracking error (velocity & position)
    • Over speed error
    • Limit switch
  • DC motor runaway prevention on feedback loss
  • Communication error detection
  • Over current
  • Short circuit (phase-to-phase)
  • I2t motor thermal protection
  • Over & under voltage
  • Over temperature
Power supply
  • Externally supplied
    • IONI, IONI Pro 5 – 52 VDC
    • IONI Pro HC 5 - 55 VDC
  • Additionally an external 5 VDC logic supply required. Note: if drive is used with IONICUBE motherboards, then 24 VDC logic supply voltage is needed instead as IONICUBE has on-board 5V regulator.
Motor output current1
  • AC/BLDC/Stepping/Linear motors (current specified as peak of sine):
    • IONI 0-15 A
    • IONI Pro 0-18 A
    • IONI Pro HC 0-25 A
  • Brush DC motors:
    • IONI 0-19.5 A
    • IONI Pro 0-23.4 A
    • IONI Pro HC 0-30 A
Compliance CE (LVD & EMC): EN 61800-5-1:2007 and IEC 61000-6-1:2005.

Note: the device is Low Voltage Directive (LVD) compliant up to 42 VDC power supply, and above that level the supply voltage is considered hazardous, so external measures (such as or isolation or protective impedance) are necessary to prevent human contact to any circuit connected to the device.

1) Currents achievable continuously only with with sufficient coolant air flow. Without forced cooling, typically 30-45% of the maximum range can be driven continuously. Despite of this, maximum current is available for short periods of time even without cooling. Current is automatically throttled on temperature rise to protect the drive.

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Configuration tool that makes you smile

Goodbye frustration, hello future! Granity makes setup and tuning of servo motor a breeze. Combined with walk-through online documentation, motors are fully configured and running in the record time.

Servo configuration tool

How it compares

Mates withLow voltage servo or stepping motors. See motor compatibility guide.Low voltage servo or stepping motors. See motor compatibility guide.Low voltage servo or stepping motor. See motor compatibility guide.High voltage servo motors. See motor compatibility guide.
MotorsAC, BLDC, DC, Linear, StepperAC, BLDC, DC, Linear, StepperAC, BLDC, DC, Linear, StepperAC, BLDC, DC, Linear
Output power

250 W passive cooling

500 W forced air cooling

250 W passive cooling

600 W forced air cooling

350 W passive cooling

800 W forced air cooling

600 W passive cooling

1800 W forced air cooling

Motor size
5 – 400 W5 – 500 W20 – 700 W50 – 1500 W
Control modesTorque, Velocity, PositionTorque, Velocity, PositionTorque, Velocity, PositionTorque, Velocity, Position
Safe torque off
Control sourcesSimpleMotion V2, pulse & direction, quadrature, analog, PWMSimpleMotion V2, EtherCAT*, pulse & direction, quadrature, analog, PWMSimpleMotion V2, EtherCAT*, pulse & direction, quadrature, analog, PWMSimpleMotion V2, EtherCAT*, pulse & direction, quadrature, analog, PWM
Homing functionYes, advancedYes, advancedYes, advancedYes, advanced
Feedback devicesIncremental encoderIncremental encoders, SinCos encoder (16, 64 and 256X interpolation)Incremental encoders, SinCos encoder (16, 64 and 256X interpolation)Incremental encoder, Resolver
Supply voltage5 – 52 VDC5 – 52 VDC5 – 55 VDC85- 264 VAC / 45 – 380 VDC
Output currentUp to 15 A continuousUp to 18 A continuousUp to 25 A continuousUp to 12 A Continuous, 18 A peak
Dimensions69.5 × 36.5 × 6.5 mm69.5 × 36.5 × 6.5 mm69.5 × 36.5 × 6.5 mm51 × 197 × 127 mm
Warranty 12 months24 months24 months24 months
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* feature under development

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Solid as Granite


IONI has been constructed from the components of the most reputable suppliers like Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics and Murata to guarantee the maximum service life. Also integrated surge protectors exceeding the requirements of IEC 61000-4-2 ESD standard will prevent damage induced by the outer world.

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