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Simucube ActivePedal released

Written by: admin | October 27, 2022 | In category: Announcement

Simucube branch of Granite Devices just revealed their biggest new product to date. ActivePedal – a true force feedback pedal for sim racing. It’s the world’s first pedal fully adjustable down to physical detail level by few mouse clicks on graphical editor.


Major contributions

Software adjustable pedal feel

With ActivePedal software racer may customize brake pressure up to 150kg, pedal travel distance, brake air gap, ABS, traction control, and more.

Zero maintenance

As the pedal force is based on electric motor control, there is no rubbers, no liquids, no springs, no hydraulic cylinders and no degrading parts to service and replace.

True force feedback & more

Racer may utilize simulator telemetry data and true force feedback in pedals. This enables racer to harness more of their “muscle memory” to improve their track performance.

From professionals, to professionals

“The Simucube ActivePedal changes the whole braking game in sim racing. So far it is the first and only pedal which can give you the feedback you want from the game and it also gives you the possibility to customize it easily and quickly. There hasn’t been anything like this before.” – Ossi Oikarinen, F1 Engineer

More information

To learn more, see www.simucube.com/activepedal/.