Tero's Project Corner
29.5.2007 Bellows shaft couplers
DIY bellows coupler for JV2 lead screws. See the complete JV2 article.
14.5.2007 Servodrive update
After a way-too-long delay I'm proud to present some results of the servo drive project.
9.6.2006 Servodrive update
Finally some pictures and feelings about the first servodrive prototype. Check it out here.
18.4.2006 First cuts with new JV2 spindle!
Finally the first cuts made with home brew ER16 spindle! See the complete JV2 article.
26.2.2006 Servodrive project
My new sinusoidal AC servo drive development. Read the full article here.
28.6.2005 A3977 Article!
New article about my A3977 based stepper motor driver! Read it here.
3.4.2005 BF20 project updated
The article of BF20 mill has updated. Check it out here.
17.3.2005 BF20 project online!
I've started documenting my latest CNC project. It is about converting commerical mill/drill Opti BF20 Vario under NC control. Check it out here.
14.1.2005 JV2 article online
The article about my second CNC router is now available! Check it out here.
31.10.2004 First artice ready!
My first article is now online! You can see the story of JV1 CNC-mill here. Meanwhile my the article of JV2 is under way.
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