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Simucube 2 and Simucu.be Launched!

Written by: admin | June 4, 2019 | In category: Announcement

We have proudly released all new Simucube 2 direct drive force feedback wheel base! Find out more details from all new dedicated Simucu.be web site.

Simucube 2 Lauch press release

Tampere, Finland – Apr 3rd, 2019 – A Finnish e-sport and professional simulation racing hardware manufacturer, Granite Devices, released a new direct drive force feedback sim racing wheel base, Simucube 2. Simucube’s Direct Drive technology produces steering wheel force feedback by a directly coupled torque motor without any intermediate gear or belt transmission mechanism. The absence of transmission mechanism enhances force feedback sensation in multiple domains, contributing to faster lap times and immersing the driver to the game. Continuing the success of its predecessor Simucube 1, praised by world champion class sim racing enthusiast and e-sport drivers, Simucube 2 sets the bar to the next level for force feedback wheel bases.

Simucube 2 wheel base

Reaction time is everything when taking over opponents or taking corrective action to prevent loss of track grip. Simucube 2 has been built from ground up to minimize latencies in both directions: user input from wheel to simulator, and the force command from simulator to the wheel. Ultra-low latency not only gives competitive advantage, but naturally also removes immersion barriers between the simulated world and user.

By passing the simulator’s sometimes coarse time-resolution force commands through Simucube’s unique force reconstruction engine, driver will be able to feel the force feedback it was intended by the simulator’s physics engine. In addition to this, the real-nature modelling based Inertia, Damping and Friction effects inside Simucube’s real-time digital signal processor will make your wheel feel like it’s a part of a real race car.

Simucube Quick Release™ system (SQR) makes it possible to swiftly switch to different steering wheels on Simucube 2. SQR supports most of the existing steering wheels and is straightforward to use. Once SQR wheel is locked-in, the resulting joint to the wheel base equals the rigidity of a solid piece of metal, just like in a real race car.

Another new invention added in Simucube 2 is the support for Simucube Wireless Wheel™ (SWW). Wireless connection between the wheel base and the steering wheel allows more freedom for the driver and one less thing to worry about while racing. SWW also allows hot-swapping the wheels without re-assigning controls in the simulator.

Simucube 2 is now in production in three torque level variants: Simucube 2 Sport, Simucube 2 Pro and the professional model Simucube 2 Ultimate. Simucube 2 are sold through global distributors and recommended retail prices are listed on https://simucu.be with further information, specifications and distributors.

“Simucube 2 has lifted the whole simulator experience to another level with user-friendliness, adjustable driving feel and reliability for all types of drivers” says company’s product architect Mika Takala.

All Simucube 2 models have been designed in Finland by Granite Devices – also known from their reliable industrial robotics equipment. Simucube has been proudly built with the same uncompromising industrial quality principles – with it’s CNC machined solid metal parts and industrial grade electronics. Giving product such immortality deserves also lots of developer’s love. Simucube developer team is constantly keeping Simucube drivers a step ahead.

Simucube 2 models start at 1 270 EUR / 1 450 USD / 1 090 GPB and will be available for pre-order immediately.