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SimuCUBE force feedback controller

We were thinking how to simplify construction of a force feedback system used in various simulators. This is why SimuCUBE was created.

SimuCUBE is a complete simulator force feedback controller for single motorized actuator such as a steering wheel or a force feedback lever. Typical SimuCUBE applications include vehicle and equipment simulators.

Simucube 1 is at it's End of Life. As a substitute, consider SIMUCUBE 2.

SimuCUBE with IONI drive

Build a realistic simulator with minimum effort

We thought it all through so you don't have to

SimuCUBE boxed
  • Minimized number of components

SimuCUBE solution consists only minimum number of parts between the physical actuator and simulator software. SimuCUBE supports the standard DirectInput API for feedback effect delivery.

  • On board motor drive

SimuCUBE is based on the smoothest, strongest and fastest motor controller on the market, IONI Pro. This allows using direct drive motor for the actuator yielding unparalleled fidelity and torque dynamics range up to 30 Nm.

  • Feel every detail

IONI Pro and SimuCUBE produces torque effects, such as friction, damping and inertia completely on a real-time hardware with over 1000 Hz update rate. This yields unforeseen realism through the simulator.

May the force be with you

SimuCUBE reduces number of simulator components to a bare minimum. It does not only control the force feedback motor, but also reads inputs of various controls, such as pedals, shifters and buttons.

From software point of view, everything is accessible through a standardized USB Human Interface Device (HID) protocol. On Windows®, force effects may be easily operated with the industry standard DirectInput API.

Need more than that? The firmware of SimuCUBE is open source and available through GitHub. This allows full customization of it's functionality and integration of even more application specific features on the same board. SimuCUBE is equipped with embedded ARM processor with plenty of free resources to be tapped.

SimuCUBE diagram

Solid as Granite


SimuCUBE has been constructed only from the components of the most reputable suppliers like Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics and Murata to guarantee the maximum service life. Also integrated surge protectors exceeding the requirements of IEC 61000-4-2 ESD standard will prevent damage induced by the outer world.

Get the nitty-gritty details

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