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Device type Servo motor drive
Supported motors AC, DC, BLDC, (Stepper partially)
Control modes Position, Velocity, Torque
Status Discontinued
DC supply voltage 12 - 160 VDC
Output current range 0.1 - 40A
Setpoint signals Pulse and direction, PWM, Quadrature, Analog, SPI
Feedback devices Quadrature encoder
Protections Short circuit, over current, over temperature, I²t, over voltage, under voltage, DC motor runaway, serial communication error
Configuration tool GDtool 2.5 and DCtool
Web site Product site

VSD-E/XE drive is a versatile servo drive from Granite Devices. In favor of ARGON and IONI servo drives, VSD-E series became discontinued. Regardless of being discontinued in production, it is still being supported and repair & spare service is available.

Applications[edit | edit source]

Motion control[edit | edit source]

  • Robotics
  • CNC
  • Pick'n'place
  • Precise speed,torque or position control
  • Actuators
  • 3D printers

Other uses[edit | edit source]

VSD-E series has been successfully used also in non-motion related applications mainly in torque mode (a.k.a. current control mode). In these applications a LC filter has been used after drive to smoothen out the PWM output.

Key features[edit | edit source]

Single axis a.k.a Evolution mode[edit | edit source]

Simplified VSD drive block diagram in position control mode.

List of key features:

  • Easy setup via GDtool software
  • SimpleMotion control library for PC, C/C++/C#, LabVIEW etc
  • Various low level command inputs (pulse/dir, PWM, quadrature, ±10V)
  • Easy connection to fieldbuses like EtherCAT or CANopen (more info)
  • Most AC/BLDC/DC and linear servo motors supported
  • Advanced sinusoidal field oriented control (FOC)
  • True current control protects equipment and boosts responsiveness
  • Reliability guaranteed by wide safety margins and quality components
  • Electrical & mechanical braking of motor in faults & disable
  • Fully automatic internal homing controller
  • Optimized for CNC and machine automation
  • Robust 200V 60A MOSFET power stage
  • Panel installation, 19" rack compatible.
  • Regenerative brake resistor output
  • Hard to kill: short circuit, over current, over temperature, I²t, over voltage and under voltage protections
  • Advanced positioning with acceleration limit and smoothing

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DualDC mode[edit | edit source]

A special feature of VSD-E/XE is that it can control two independent brush DC servo motors on single drive. This mode is achieved by downloading a freely available DualDC firmware to the drive. DualDC mode has several restrictions compared to single axis mode due to hardware limitations.

Purchasing[edit | edit source]

Before purchase[edit | edit source]

Before purchasing the drive, it is suggested to:

  • Ensure product suitability for your needs:
  • Make clear what additional items will be needed, such as power supplies and possibly interface electronics
  • If unsure about suitability, please send inquiry to Granite Devices support to be sure

How to purchase[edit | edit source]

VSD series is discontinued and not available anymore. Large quantities can be negotiated separately.

Model comparison[edit | edit source]

Supported motors AC, BLDC, DC (and stepper preliminary) AC, BLDC, DC (and stepper preliminary)
Supported feedback devices Quadrature encoder & Hall sensors Quadrature encoder & Hall sensors
Control modes Torque, Velocity, Position Torque, Velocity, Position
Setpoint signal types Pulse and direction, quadrature, +/-10V, SPI, PWM Pulse and direction, quadrature, +/-10V, SPI, PWM
Support DualDC Yes Yes
Voltage range 12-160VDC 12-160VDC
Continuous output current range for AC/BLDC 0.1-10A 0.1-14A
Continuous output current range for DC 0.1-14A 0.1-18A
Peak output current range for AC/BLDC 0.1-20A 0.1-20A
Peak output current range for DC 0.1-40A 0.1-40A
Standard warranty 1 year 2 years

For detailed specifications and supported motor types, please see the VSD-E/XE manual (PDF)

Setup & documentation[edit | edit source]

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