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GDtool 2.5 with response graphs
GDtool is a configuration & tuning software for VSD-A and VSD-E/XE drives.

Key features[edit | edit source]

  • All parameters fully graphically configurable, no jumpers or trimpots
  • Connects directly to drive through USB
  • Motor test & tuning tools
  • Scope view to eliminate physical oscilloscope
  • Replication or distribution of parameters in industry use
  • Save test results & parameters for remote techical support
  • Guidance by detailed tooltips for every parameter

Releases[edit | edit source]

GDtool 1[edit | edit source]

GDtool 1.0 was a temporary tuning software for VSD-A in early days before GDtool 2 was introduced.

GDtool 2.0[edit | edit source]

GDtool 2 is a tuning software for VSD-A drives.

GDtool 2.5[edit | edit source]

GDtool 2.5 is based on V 2.0 but it works with VSD-E and VSD-XE drive models.

Granity[edit | edit source]

Granity is a successor of GDtool series and designed for newest generation GD drives.

Documentation[edit | edit source]

GDtool 2.x documentation can be found from:

Same manuals can be also be found from GDtool Help-menu.

Downloads[edit | edit source]

Download-icon.png GDtool for VSD-XE/E

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