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List IONICUBE drive hardware revisions and changes.

Release date Models Device revision Changes & Impact How to identify
5.2015 IONICUBE 1 Initial version On board print "IONICUBE Rev 1 (007)"
12.2016 IONICUBE 2
  • Added Mini USB connector with on-board SimpleMotion V2 bus interface
    • No requirement for external RJ45 cabling or SimpleMotion V2 USB adapter
    • IONICUBE can also act as SimpleMotion master device when other SimpleMotion devices are daisy chained in the RJ45 ports
  • Jumpers replaced by DIP switches
  • Protection diodes for on-board regenerative resistor driver and motor brake driver added
  • Fixed an issue where pin on X axis GPO1 (X5 connector pin 11) logic high voltage was clamped to approximately 2.0 Volts instead of nominal 3.3V output level
On board print "IONICUBE Rev 2 (009)"
1.2017 IONICUBE 3
  • On board USB connector shell connected to GND to eliminate occasional connection interruptions with longer than 2 meter USB cables
On board print "IONICUBE Rev 3 (010)"

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