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Intensify Nx50

Intensify is a stackable constant current laser diode bar driver delivering up to 50A CW current. Intensify Nx50 has unique parallel connection capability to scale up continuous and pulsed output current rating to 200 A and beyond.

Intensify Nx50 accepts standard 12 V DC input voltage while output is adjustable from 0 to 50 A per Nx50 device. Maximum output voltage of 5.0 V allows driving up to two laser diodes in a series connection.

This product is at its End of Life.


While only imagination limits the ways to use Nx50, there are few applications where it especially shines

3D printed metal with laser diode driver
  • Selective Laser Sintering & Selective Laser Melting

Nx50 is ideally suited for SLS and SLM to feed the high power laser diodes of 3D printers.

  • Pump laser driver

Use diode laser to pump an optical fiber or crystal

  • Diode laser based tooling & cutting

Applications like marking and cutting use can take advantage of scalable driver with high efficiency

  • Laser bar driving

Use Nx50 to drive virtually any high power laser diode bar or bar stack

  • Laser bar burn-in testing

Due to cost, efficiency and size, Nx50 fits well into production quality assurance testing systems where tens or hundreds of laser diodes are being driven simultaneously.

Why efficiency matters?

Nx50 is one of the first laser diode drives employing high frequency three-phase switching converter to minimize output ripple and physical size. Due to this construction, Nx50 achieves record breaking efficiency of 96% thus eliminating the need of active cooling. Cool running devices also exhibit unforeseen durability of 1.2 million hour MTBF.

Laser diode efficiency

Key specifications

Nx50 laser bar driver
  • Target laser diodes

High power  CW or QCW laser diode bars or bar stacks

  • Power input & output

Input voltage 12 V DC. Laser diode output 0-50 A and 0-250W continuous power per Nx50 board. Scalable by stacking multiple Nx50 boards.

  • Laser protections

Laser diode current & voltage spike protection.

  • Reliability

Reverse polarity protection, under voltage protection, driver overload (short circuit & temperature) protection, ESD protection on all I/O lines. 1.2 million hour MTBF.

  • Setpoint & Monitor I/O

Fully differential analog 0-10 V setpoint input. Current and voltage monitor 0-10 V outputs.

  • Size

Small form factor of 95×77×20 mm