About us


Granite Devices is on year 2007 established servo and stepping motor drive design and manufacturing company based in Finland.

An unusually high cost efficiency of products combined with high technology and quality provide unparalleled advantages to OEM customers. Granite Devices is entitled to establish long term relationships with customers and provide professional support through target product's life cycle.

We strive to serve customers the best possible ways prior and after sales covering the whole lifetime of target application. Technical questions are directly answered by product design engineers to guarantee the most experienced support. 

Granite Device's core strength is professional engineering staff who can be described as motion control enthusiasts. High motivation and perfection of work leads to unparalleled cost and quality efficiency in our R&D activities.

Long term product availability

Granite Devices is in a long term agreement with reputable electronics manufacturing services to assure product availability over extended periods of time even after product's most active life cycle. Additionally, Granite Devices is open to B2B agreements to guarantee mission critical product availability for pre-defined period of time.

Nested in beautiful Tampere

Tampere Granite Devices is proudly located in Tampere, Finland. A city that has been built between two lakes has 220 000 inhabitants, two universities and the second highest building in the Scandinavia. Tampere is one of the rare cities that also has active factories in the centrum of the city.