3 Phase Brushless Servomotors

Granite Devices offers selection of servo motors suitable for precision positioning and velocity applications. Compared to brush DC motors, brushless motors typically exhibit longer lifetime, smaller size and lower inertia.

On request we can supply servomotors from 28W (42x42 mm frame) to 660W (86x86 mm frame). Continuously stocked models include 150W and 300W models.


  • Safe operating voltage Servo motors
  • Well matched to GD drives
  • High torque vs. size ratio
  • Differential encoders with index pulse
  • Standard encoder resolution 4000 CPR
  • Integrated differential Hall sensors
  • Low emitted electrical interference
  • No wearing brushes


  • CNC machine tools
  • Automation & robotics
  • Pick and place machines
  • Machine/instrument motion control


PDF file Servomotor data sheet

Configuration files for drives

PDF file VSDE_configs.zip (VSD-E motor configuration files for GDtool)

Pricing & availability

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