GDtool easy configuration software

 GDtool The VSD-E/XE drives are effortlessly configured by using freely downloadable GDtool software. GDtool is a Windows software where all drive parameters can be easily set trough graphical user interface. Drive parametrization and servo tuning can be do done in matter of minutes with help of testing and scope view features.

Key features

  • All parameters fully graphically configurable, no jumpers or trimpots
  • Connects directly to drive through USB
  • Advanced test & tuning tools
  • Scope view to eliminate physical oscilloscope
  • Easy replication or distribution of parameters in industry use
  • Save test results & parameters for remote techical support
  • Guidance by detailed tooltips for every parameter


Drive automatic homing/referencing settings

Active status bits of drive

Torque step response graph downloaded from drive