Digital Servo Drive IONI

Welcome to witness the revolution of embedded OEM servo motor drives for precision position, velocity and torque control! IONI series will break several industrial figures of merit records including: Ion

  • Widest range motor support
  • Highest power density
  • Most complete safety features
  • Lowset torque control latency of 25 µs

IONI is a PCB mounted highly minituarized servo drive for volume OEM applications and fully integrated machine systems. Key features include:

  • Full featured servo drive in 77x37x7 mm
  • Card edge connector - insert on a card edge connector or directly solder to PCB
  • Up to 500W continuous power
  • Drive AC/BLDC/DC/Linear and Stepping motors with single drive model (software selectable)
  • 5-55 VDC supply voltage
  • Multidrop field bus - control with ease from PC, PLC or MCU
  • And most of the Argon servo drive features
  • Cost 99 - 180 eur/pcs depending on quantity & model

Multiaxis systems

With IONICUBE motherboard, building a syncronous multiaxis systems have never been easier. Single motherboard can make 1-4 axis plug-and-play servo drive, and motherboards can be chained up to 32 axis.



  • Precision position, velocity or torque control
  • Cartesian & non-linear robots
  • CNC machines
  • 3D printers
  • Pick'n'Place
  • Feeders, winders

Product availability

IONI drives and IONICUBEs are available for limited time from indiegogo campaign and for immediate purchase through the web shop.