Versatile Servo Drive ARGON

Versatile servo drive ARGON supports virtually any type of industrial servo motor including AC, Brushless DC, Brush DC and Linear motors found in diverse automation applications. Whether the application requires position, velocity or torque operating mode, Argon handles them all out-of-the-box. Built-in motion profiler enables simple point-to-point moves as well as continuous synchronous motion tracking.

Argon over SimpleMotion V2 bus

ARGON reduces the number of motion control components to the bare minimum. A typical PC controlled multiaxis system can be implemented by using direct USB or RS485 driven SimpleMotion V2 field bus to the servo drives. The same bus carries a dedicated safety stopping circuit without additional wiring. In addition to this, Argon reads traditional analog and digital control signals out of the box.

State of the Art benefits

Control diversity

  • Flexible control modes: position, velocity, torque
  • Input setpoint signals including pulse and direction, quadrature, analog and PWM
  • Internal axis homing function with sensorless hard-stop operating mode
  • Multidrop capable realtime SimpleMotion V2 field bus for setup & control

Protections & Ruggedness

Argons are built to last – and we have faith in their longevity. If your Argon break within 24 months of use, we will simply repair or replace them free of charge (details).

  • 3-way safe torque off with motor braking
  • Prevent machine damage via I²t (motor temperature modelling), blocked motion and tracking error detection
  • Industry leading ruggedness: over current, short circuit, over voltage, under voltage and over temperature protections, internally fused, data/communication error detection
  • CE compliance

The new era hardware

Hardware of Argon has been designed from ground up without any historical payload. The main character of the construction is the unique dual CPU architecture where CPUs are connected together with single isolated link. This not only costs less but also yields unforeseen flexibility and reliability. The I/O side ARM CPU comes with open source firmware allowing implementing unlimited stand-alone user programs and functions directly inside the drive.

Argon internal construction

Technical specifications

Function Description
Servo motor drive Closed loop control of various types of servo motors by sinusoidal field oriented control with dead-time distortion correction and high dynamic range torque control.
  • Support over 97% of all the servo motors below 2 kW in the market
  • Synchronous AC & BLDC motors
    • Sinusoidal and trapezoidal commutated
    • SPM (Surface Permanent Magnet) and IPM (Internal Permanent Magnet) types
  • Brush DC motors
  • Linear motors
    • Iron core
    • Ironless (with external inductive filter)
Control modes
  • Torque control
  • Velocity/speed control
  • Position control
Setpoint types

See setpoint signal / reference inputs list

Closed loop Cascaded control loops (PIV):
  • Torque / current control, update frequency 17.5 kHz
  • Velocity control, update frequency 2.5 kHz
  • Position control, update frequency 2.5 kHz

Dual-loop feedback support planned as firmware upgrade

Feed-forwards Feed-forwards working in velocity & position control modes:
  • Acceleration (inertia canceling) feed-forward
  • Velocity (friction canceling) feed-forward
Homing Integrated homing function for position control mode:
  • Sensorless hard-stop homing
  • Home switch search
  • Index pulse search
  • Soft position limits (eliminate limit switches)
Feedback devices See feedback devices list
  • Safe torque off with 3-way redundancy
  • Stopping motor on errors
    • Tracking error (velocity & position)
    • Over speed error
    • Limit switch
  • DC motor runaway prevention on feedback loss
  • Communication error detection
  • Over current
  • Short circuit (phase-to-phase)
  • I2t motor thermal protection
  • Over & under voltage
  • Over temperature
Power supply

Two power supply methods:

  • Integrated AC mains power supply: single phase 85 – 264 VAC 50/60 Hz, 0 – 15 A
  • Externally supplied 40 – 380 VDC
  • Additionally an external 24 VDC logic supply required
Motor output current
Approvals CE (LVD & EMC)

For full, detailed specifications, see Argon specifications on Wiki.

Documentation & Downloads

The documentation of Argon will is available at our Wiki. Check also side box links for additional downloads (software, firmware, manuals, app notes)

W Argon in the knowledge Wiki

PDF Argon PDF data sheet

Pricing & Availability

Argon price starts at €489 @ 1 pcs. For quantity discounts over 5 pcs, contact us. For online ordering, please see our web shop or contact your nearset distributor