VSD-E rack installation

VSD-E with panelVSD-E has been designed for the most effortless installation. The following image set will demostrate typical installation in a standard 19" rack enclosure.

The demonstrated application is an four axis motion control & measurement box for automated laser diode characterization system. The box includes a third party measurement card with encoder signal inputs for angle measurement. Encoder pass-thru cables between the drives and the measurement card are presented in the images.

The 19" rack enclosure used in this example was made by Schroff.


An overview of installed components. Click to enlarge.


Another view. Click to enlarge.

 Optical fibers
Optical fibers can be used to bring LED signals to front panel with minimum effort. Fibers are supplied in VSD-E installation kit.

Fiber light indicators in front panel.

Back panel
Back panel view. 19" rack compatible laser cut stainless steel panels for VSD-E are supplied in the VSD-E installation kit.

Drive enclosure installed into a rack with other instruments.