Embeddable servo motor drives & controls

SimpleMotion drive library

SimpleMotion is the only 100% open source and royalty free
standard designed for motion control. 

SimpleMotion provides a lightweight, yet powerful command set ranging from common point-to-point positioning applications to synchronous multi-axis interpolated motion, and even hard real-time control for externally closed loop special applications.

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Choose your path

Pick the best control strategy without worrying about the underlying technology

  • Point-to-point motion

Give simple commands and drive will perform the requested action, such as moving to target position or setting constant motor speed. It takes just few lines of code.

  • Multiaxis interpolation without motion controller

By feeding list of trajectory points to the drives, they follow your trajectory in perfect synchronism. No real-time motion controller hardware needed.

  • Real-time multiaxis control

Use real-time host to cyclically update target position, velocity or torque setpoints on each drive. Allows closing the feedback loop at host side.

The value of simplicity

A typical PC controlled single or multi axis system can be implemented by using direct USB or RS485 driven SimpleMotion field bus to the servo drives. The same bus cable carries a dedicated safe torque off (STO) signal without additional wiring. While the other end of cable is connected to the master, the other end may be simply connected to an E-stop button. The bus allows mixing any kind of SimpleMotion compatible drives, such as ARGON and IONI, in the same link.

Motion control system with USB interface

Real-time requirements? Not one of your problems.

Implement your multi-axis motion control application with SimpleMotion buffered motion stream API and break free from the need of real-time motion controller.

User application just fills-up drive buffers with position setpoints and drives will run the commands synchronously based on their internal precision clocks. This allows host motion controller to be just an ordinary non-realtime PC application.

Best of all? Everything can be done over omnipresent USB or RS485 port.

If hard real-time control is required, SimpleMotion bus also supports instantenous commands up to 20 kHz command rate.

Deploy in production environment

SimpleMotion helps volume users to deploy
their drives in production environment. By single
API call, it configures the target device into
user defined state. This even enables swapping
drives on a target system without need to worry
about configuring them first.

Deployment API

Use on the platform of your choice

SimpleMotion supports platform of your choice
including Linux, macOS®, Windows®, Raspberry
Pi® and even embedded systems such
as bare metal ARM Cortex® microcontrollers.
Widespread compatibility has been achieved by
choosing the rugged RS485 standard as physical
transport for SimpleMotion field bus.

SimpleMotion platforms

Example application - Granity

Granite Devices' configuration software Granity relies completely on SimpleMotion library to handle all communication and control to the drives. Thousands of users have witnessed it's reliability and fluidness. Granity is freely available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Servo configuration tool

Choose your ride

All today's Granite Devices drives support SimpleMotion API as well as multiple choices of other control sources

Versatile Servo Drive ARGON

Versatile servo drive ARGON supports virtually any type of industrial servo motor including AC,Brushless DC, Brush DC and Linear motors found in diverse automation applications. Argon can handle motor up to 1.5 kW power.

Versatile Servo & Stepper Drive IONI

IONI is a 67×37 mm sized "Swiss knife" of motor control. It drives AC and DC servo motors as well as stepping motors. Possible control methods include position, velocity and torque modes. IONI can handle up to 700 W of continuous power.