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Follow the instructions to make the first Granity connection to IONI drive.

Preparations[edit | edit source]

  1. Download and install the Granity software. Latest version can be downloaded from the link: Granity software for windows (approx 18 MB)
  2. Make a wiring similar to the image below
    • With IONICUBE 4X revision 008 and lower, make sure that in the pinheader JP10 only position 1 has a jumper as depicted.
    • With IONICUBE 4X revision 009 and higher, make sure that the switch S1 position 1 is ON and position 4 (DFU mode) is OFF.
    • If you use a USB cable to connect (r. 009 and higher), turn also S1 position 2 and 3 ON.
  3. Connect IONICUBE to a PC
  4. Power up the 24 VDC power. Leds at the back of the IONI drive should start blinking (more about blinking sequences).
  5. Launch Granity software and:
    1. Go to Connect tab
    2. Ensure that "SimpleMotion V2 Adapter" is selected from dropdown menu called Communication interface device. (note 1)
    3. Click Connect to drive
    4. Once list of connected drives pop up, select the one you connected and click Open

Now if everything has gone well, you should see information about the drive model and serial number on the "Connect tab". Connection has been successfully tested and drive may be disconnected to proceed with next setup step.

Note 1) If multiple choices are named as "SimpleMotion V2 Adapter", then try each of them to find the correct one. Also if no adapters are found, try launching Granity software again as the list of adapter choices are updated only at program start-up.

IONICUBE Revision 1-8 (with jumpers)[edit | edit source]

Ionicube granity minimum.png

Minimum connection for Granity

IONICUBE Revision 9 and later (with DIP switch)[edit | edit source]

Ionicube 009 dip switch detail.png

SM Bus termination switch position for IONICUBE revision 009 and higher. For typical single IONICUBE wiring, set switches 1-3 to ON position and 4th OFF position.

More information about the termination and biasing of the RS485 serial bus here: Wikipedia:RS-485.

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