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This is the official and latest setup guide of IONI Servo Drive and IONICUBE motherboards. Read it through before installing or operating IONI series devices.

Setup process overview[edit | edit source]

Read trough the guide by following the outline on the top right side of the page and follow the hyper links to subtopics provided in the articles.

Ioni step1 collectthings.png

Read the page List of things needed for details.

Ioni step2 granityconnection.png

Connect drive to PC with SimpleMotion V2 USB adapter and Granity to test connection, upgrade firmware if necessary and to learn Granity. If you're already familiar with all this, you may skip this step. Read the article Making the first Granity connection.

Ioni step3 wiring.png

Carefully do the full wiring of the servo system. Consult an qualified electrician if necessary as dangerous voltages will be present. Before powering up, triple check everything by using multimeter to find short circuits. Read the main article Wiring.

Step4 tuningbaremotor.png

Power-up the system and connect again with Granity. Now set-up the motor to work as intended. See the main article Drive parameterization. If you already have a working configuration to your motor model, you may just load the settings file to the drive.

Step5 tuningmachine.png

After motor and drive are fully functional, connect motor to the mechanical load and find the optimum velocity or position control gains. Read the main article Servo motor tuning guide.

Troubleshooting[edit | edit source]

In case of troubles, refer to the articles in general troubleshooting category and IONI troubleshooting category.

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