News & Press releases

Meet us at ELKOM 2015 exhibition
08 September 2015

Meet us and check out new IONI drives at ELKOM 2015 exhibition on 6.-8.10.2015. Granite Devices stand number is 7G55.

Argon stock status announcement
02 July 2015

We have temporarily ran out of Argon servo drives recently due to increased popularity (great!) and unfavorable variations in the production time (not so cool) occurring at the same time.

IONI servo drive released!
13 March 2015

This is an another remarkable day in Granite Devices history: a launch of our most advanced servo drive IONI.

High power laser diode driver with parallel connection capability
01 July 2014

Granite Devices has released a new kind of high power laser diode driver for OEM market. Intensify Nx50 has unique parallel connection capability to scale up continuous and pulsed output current rating to 150 A and beyond.

New AC servo motors in stock
08 May 2014

All new low inertia AC servo motors for 400 W and 950 W power are in stock and available for online ordering. The motors come with pre-assembled 4 meter cables for Argon servo drive elimiating the hassle and chance of error. Check them out!

Embedded servo controller for Picus electronic pipette
23 October 2013

Granite Device's embedded drive technology is being used in award winning electric pipette sold around the world. Read the detailed description from the link below.

Meet us at SPS IPC DRIVES exhibition!
22 October 2013

Meet us and see our latest creations in action at SPS IPC DRIVES exhibition on 26-28.11.2013, Nuremberg, Germany! Granite Devices stand number is 10-630 at hall 10.

VSD-E/XE availability announcement
11 September 2013

Announcement regarding VSD-E and VSD-XE series servo drive availability.

ARGON servo drive released!
05 August 2013

This is a remarkable day in Granite Devices history: a launch of our new flag ship servo drive ARGON. Argon drives are available for purchase immediately with limited time introductory price!

Laser diode drivers coming
07 February 2013

Granite Devices is proud to announce a product category expansion to high power laser diode drivers. LD drivers are a natural branch from motor drive technology thanks to our current control electronics expertise. Check out Intensify Nx50 LD driver!

16 November 2012

We will be visiting SPS IPC DRIVES trade show in Nuremberg on Tuesday 27.11. If you're interested to meet us, leave us a message and we will arrage an appointment!

07 November 2012

One of our key persons, Tero Kontkanen, has started a blog giving insight in Argon drive development. Check it out here.

Argon and Ion
28 May 2012

Granite Devices is proud to present road map of upcoming revolutionary servo drives: Argon and Ion. Find out more here!

Knowledge Wiki
18 April 2012

Starting from 2012, all our documentation will be published in a Wiki where everyone can enhance the information. The wiki also contains a dedicated section for user project blogs. Check it out!

Granite Devices 5 Years
08 February 2012

The title says it all! We wish to thank all of our followers, contacts and customers we have met during these years. Without you we wouldn't be here now looking confidently towards the ever brightening future!

AC Powered Drives
22 September 2011

GD is currently prototyping an all new 110-240V AC powered servo drive. Stay tuned!

Control over RS485
17 June 2010

GD is developing industry's standard RS485 communication interface with integrated safety functions for VSD-E & XE drives. Supporting hardware and software are estimated to be ready before October.

Virtual exhibition
04 June 2010

Granite Devices started presenting its producits in EXPO21XX, one of the most remarkable virtual exhibition sites today. See GD's virtual booth.

VSD-E press release
19 April 2010

Newly published press release of VSD-E.

SimpleMotion control library
13 April 2010

Granite Devices is proud to announce its first release of SimpleMotion motion control library for PC environment. Drives are controlled directry through USB with minimal effort.

25 March 2010

Regardless of economics turndown, GD's renevues grew 79% between 12.2008 to 12.2009. Granite Devices thanks every customer!

Online shopping
03 March 2010

Granite Devices has opened its new online shop for effortless direct purchasing.

2 axis DC servo drives
13 August 2009

Today GD is proud to announce all new DualDC firmware for famous VSD-E/XE drives. A drive equipped with the new firmware controls two independent servo motors. DualDC efficiently halves the price of DC servo control.

VSD-E for 160VDC
25 June 2009

Updated VSD-E/XE drive is now available from stock! The new VSD-E/XE extends supply voltage range from 12-80VDC to 12-160VDC while keeping previous current ratings.

OEM servo drive logic
09 April 2009

Today GD is proud to introduce a new VSD product called VSD-Core. VSD-Core is a powerstageless drive logic for customer specific servo drives.

Resellers wanted
09 December 2008

Good news! Our sales are steadily groving regardless of global economic crisis. Since we can't handle increasing number of shippings alone, we are now looking for distributors!

VSD-E Sales begin!
26 October 2008

The shippings of all new VSD-E (Evolution) drive will begin on week 44! The full product data sheet & manuals are now available for download.

VSD-A discontinuing soon
07 July 2008

Upcoming VSD-E will replace the VSD-A drive and last units of VSD-A's are being sold now. Few VSD-A units will be kept in stock as spare parts. Update: VSD-A is now sold out.

VSD-E Coming this Autumn
01 July 2008

Granite Devices will be introducing all new VSD-E (Evolution) drive later this year. The new drive has been designed for 12-80Vdc supply voltage and up to 20A or 40A peak current depending on motor type.

New Direct Drive motors
27 June 2008

Today we are proud to announce a new 70 Nm Direct Drive synchronous motor kit for industrial & power generation applications. For details, please see the product page.

VSD-A Rev2 announced
20 November 2007

Today we announce the new VSD-A Rev 2 drive. Rev 2 consists few small improvements in drive design. For details about changes, please see VSD-A Rev 2 data sheet.

VSD-A in stock again
21 October 2007

VSD-A is avaiable from stock again. Deliveries are made typically withing a business day from confirmed payment.

The first batch of VSD-A sold
27 August 2007

First batch VSD-A drives are now sold out and next batch has been ordered from factory. VSD-A has been successful so far, we haven't encountered a single failure among drives.

VSD-A now shipping
27 May 2007

After over an year of development and research, Versatile Servo Drive VSD-A is now shipping. We offer an introductory pricing for the first 100 drives.

The first batch of drives
14 February 2007

The very first batch of VSD-A servo drives are now ordered from our subcontractor. Drives are expected to be on sale by end of May.