Commissioning of KANZ servo motors

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KANZ series servo motor with premade cables
This article gives tips for fast-forward installation of KANZ series Granite Devices servo motors on Argon servo drive. However, this article is not complete user guide for Argon, so user must be already familiar with operation of the drive or follow Argon user guide simultaneously.

Wiring[edit | edit source]

Wire preparation[edit | edit source]

KANZ motors come with pre-assembled cables for Argon servo drive (encoder and motor part). However, some motor models include excessive 4-pin terminal for motor part that needs to be stripped away.

Connecting[edit | edit source]

First, ensure that you have understood Argon user guide wiring section and especially earthing section before proceeding with installation.

Pre-made encoder cable plugs directly into Argon J1 connector and motor U, V, W and PE connect to J4 terminal to their respective positions. Insert EMI suppression cores as illustrated below:

Argon wired to KANZ annotated.jpg

Parameterization[edit | edit source]

For parameterization, make sure you understand Argon drive parameterization basics. To speed up commissioning of motor, pre-made base configuration files are provided for stocked servo motors. Instructions for using the files:

  1. Download KANZ motor configuration files: Media:KANZ Argon base
  2. Connect drive to Granity (instructions)
  3. Click Load settings from file and open corresponding configuration file. Choose the file that is most has similar beginning with motor mode (i.e. KANZ04... file for KANZ-04BF8N2 motor).
  4. Click Save settings on drive non-volatile memory and if choose Apply and Restart drive buttons in the dialogs that may appear
  5. After drive restarts, connect again to drive and review all settings. For first testing safety it is recommended to reduce current limits Peak current limitMMC and Continuous current limitMCC to a lower value (such as 20% of rated values) in order to limit motor torque if unexpected motion takes place. Also set control mode Control modeCM as required by end application.
  6. After all Ok, click Apply settings and you're ready to connect AC power for first tests.
  7. Go to Testing page and begin motor tuning according to Servo motor tuning guide

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