SimpleMotion V2 termination with bare cable

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Typical SM V2 multidrop bus with E-stop functionality. In this page we instruct to eliminate SMV2BRK and connect stop-switch with bare wires.
RJ45 cable compatible with Ethernet and SimpleMotion V2

SimpleMotion V2 communication link and Argon and IONI drives use RJ45 connectors and cables as physical connection standard. While the preferred way to terminate SimpleMotion V2 bus is to use SMV2BRK break-out-board or IONICUBE/IONICUBE 1X devices, there is also an option to do it with bare RJ45 Ethernet cable. This page instructs how to achieve proper termination.

Before proceeding, make sure you understand SimpleMotion V2 port.

Use as E-stop & Enable input[edit | edit source]

In Argon drive, the same connector acts also as emergency stop or Safe torque off input. User may connect a e-stop button directly at the end of device chain to gain reliable stopping mechanism for all linked devices.

Wiring with bare RJ45 cable[edit | edit source]

E-stop and enable signal wiring to RJ45 cable
A quick'n'dirty way to make enable drive & disable safe torque off connection. May be used for testing before final wiring.

Connector pinout[edit | edit source]

Pin # Signal name Description Electrical wiring
1 STO2_24V STO input 2 Supply 24VDC in this pin referenced to GND to disable STO2. 1
2 Reserved Reserved for future use Do not connect
3 RS485_A RS485 signal A RJ45 cable routes this between devices and SimpleMotion V2 USB adapter
4 STO1_24V STO input 1 24V in Supply 24VDC between STO1_24V and STO1_0V to disable STO1. STO1 inputs are floating and isolated from GND. 1, 2
5 STO1_0V STO input 1 0V in
6 RS485_B RS485 signal B RJ45 cable routes this between devices and SimpleMotion V2 USB adapter
7 ENABLE_IN_24V Drive enable control signal Supply 24VDC in this pin referenced to GND to set drive in enabled state.
8 GND Ground reference for: RS485, STO2 and ENABLE_IN RJ45 cable routes this between devices and SimpleMotion V2 USB adapter. For enable & STO connect this to external 24V power supply ground.

1) STO1 and STO2 are controlling two independent Safe torque off methods. Both must be supplied 24V simultaneously to enable torque to the motor.

2) STO1 has limited functionality on Argon if HV DC bus is shared between drives or external DC voltage is supplied. For more info, see Argon user guide/J4 connector wiring.

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