Argon J4 connector wiring

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J4 is a 10 pole terminal block connector for several functions: earthing, AC power input, motor output, regenerative resistor output and HV DC link sharing. See also the main article about Argon wiring.

Pin-out[edit | edit source]

Pin # Pin name Descrpition AC/BLDC motor connection Brush DC motor connection
1 VN HV DC link negative rail Do not connect, unless linking multiple drives with VN & VP to share their internal power supplies and braking resistor.
2 BR Braking resistor output Optional braking resistor terminals. See Argon braking resistor
3 VP HV DC link positive rail
4 PE ⏚ Protective earth Connect to motor PE conductor and motor cable shield
5 U Motor phase output Motor U phase ¹ Motor armature+
6 V Motor phase output Motor V phase ¹ Motor armature-
7 W Motor phase output Motor W phase ¹ No connection
8 L AC mains supply Line Connect to AC supply line
9 N AC mains supply Neutral Connect to AC supply neutral
10 PE ⏚ Protective earth Connect to supply protective earth. This connection is always mandatory when any voltage larger than 30 VAC or 42 VDC is supplied to the device!. See Argon user guide/Earthing.

¹ In some motors U,V,W phases are called R,S,T instead.

J4 wiring guide[edit | edit source]

Wiring multiple drives with power supply & braking resistor sharing[edit | edit source]

Note this drawing does not include wiring to motor (J4), motor brake (J3), feedback device (J1), controller (J5) and AC power input circuity.

Argon wiring multiple.png

Detailed single drive wiring schematics[edit | edit source]

Basic wiring scheme of Argon (servo drive). Use of shielded cables is optional but highly recommended for EMI compliance and optimal reliability. For recommended accessories, EMI filters etc, see Mating connectors and accessories.


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