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This article will instruct upgrading the device firmware file by using Granity software.

Preparations[edit | edit source]

  1. Back-up target device settings to file as firmware upgrade may reset them to factory defaults
  2. Ensure that communication works flawlessly to the device (in normal Granity operations)
  3. Ensure that you have the firmware files
    1. Original firmware (available from product site) - this file may be useful to restore device in factory state
    2. A compatible new firmware file for your device model & version

The procedure to upgrade firmware on the device[edit | edit source]

Uploading a new firmware to the drive using Granity software may be done by following the steps below.

  1. Power-off the target device
  2. Follow 1 or 2 depending which drive model you have:
    1. For ARGON drive, read: Set target device SimpleMotion V2 bus address to 255 which is the device firmware upgrade (DFU) mode address. Then power-up the drive 24V voltage. Then click Connect to drive button.
    2. For IONI drive, connect normally with Granity and Click Install firmware button. If device do not show up in firmware upgrade mode, remove all other IONI drives from IONICUBE and try again.
  3. A list of available devices should pop-up:
  4. Choose the one with address from 251 to 255 and click Open
  5. The firmware upgrade dialog pops up, choose Open file & start upgrade button
  6. A file selector dialog pops up, choose the firmware file to be uploaded. Make sure it is meant for your device model:
  7. After clicking Open, the firmware upload starts immediately. After the process has been completed, click Close. You may now restore your normal SMV2 bus address, restart device and connect normally. Alternatively you may connect right away without restart but the device will have a temporary address of 16 (Argon only, IONI will have it's original address) before the next power cycle.

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