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All SimpleMotion V2 compatible devices have a settable address that identifies the device on a multidrop communication bus. Each device sharing the same bus must have an unique address number to make error free communication possible. For example configuring bus address is required to establish a connection with Granity software.

When accessing drive through SimpleMotion V2 bus, each device in the bus should be assigned to different address between 1 to 32. Device address is a sum of hardware setting and software parameter SimpleMotion bus address offsetSMO (IONI only). The address of device is determined at the moment of logic voltage power on and will become by sum of hardware setting and SMO.

Argon[edit | edit source]

DIP switch of Argon. In this case the DIP has value 01001.

Argon (servo drive) has a 5 channel DIP switch that sets the address. The table below lists all possible settings of DIP switch settings. Switches 1-4 set the address and the switch number 5 sets termination on or off.

Address Bus termination DIP switch setting (switches from 1 to 5)
255 (firmware upgrade mode) Off 00000
255 (firmware upgrade mode) On 00001
1 Off 00010
1 On 00011
2 Off 00100
2 On 00101
3 Off 00110
3 On 00111
4 Off 01000
4 On 01001
5 Off 01010
5 On 01011
6 Off 01100
6 On 01101
7 Off 01110
7 On 01111
8 Off 10000
8 On 10001
9 Off 10010
9 On 10011
10 Off 10100
10 On 10101
11 Off 10110
11 On 10111
12 Off 11000
12 On 11001
13 Off 11010
13 On 11011
14 Off 11100
14 On 11101
15 Off 11110
15 On 11111

Ioni/Ionicube[edit | edit source]

When chaining multiple IONICUBE 1X motherboards (where all of them have address 1), it is necessary to utilize software parameter SimpleMotion bus address offsetSMO. Procedure for setting unique address for each device with SMO:

  1. Disconnect or unpower all other devices that the ones with already unique address (i.e. have only one IONICUBE connected to SM bus, or powered on)
  2. Connect to drive with Granity
  3. Adjust SMO parameter value so that device will receive a desired bus address. I.e. if using IONICUBE 1X, set SMO values 0, 1, 2, 3 to the different drives (drive addresses will become 1, 2, 3, 4). Or when IONICUBE (4 axis) is being used, set SMO values of drives on the first board 0, second board 4, third 8 etc (drive addresses will become 1 - 12).
  4. Save settings, disconnect and repeat the procedure for all drives.

Same goes for chaining multiple IONICUBE 4 axis boards. However as base addresses of the drives on 4 axis boards are 1, 2, 3 and 4, one needs to increment SMO parameter by 4 on each chained IONICUBE. I.e. all the drives on first board should have SMO=0, the second SMO=4 and the third SMO=8 etc.

Bus termination[edit | edit source]

Proper configuration of devices on a bus
SimpleMotion V2 bus must be terminated for reliable communication. This means that last device of the bus must have termination DIP switch set to On position.

Bus may be also alternatively terminated with external 100 ohm resistor connected between RS485_A and RS485_B wires at the end of bus cable chain (see SimpleMotion V2 port). If DIP switch termination is used, then drive internal 100 ohm resistor is connected across the A and B wires.

Stub[edit | edit source]

If an E-stop button is connected with RJ45 cable after the last device, a bus stub is formed. Stub must not be longer than 30 cm or 1 foot to ensure reliable bus operation.

Methods to eliminate the stub on SimpleMotion V2 port cable E-stop cable if longer than 30cm E-stop cable is needed:

  • Cut the RS485_A and RS485_B wires from the cable near connector, this ends the RS485 bus next to connector and minimizes stub
  • Alternatively, connect termination resistor at end of RS485_A and RS485_B wires and set DIP switch termination off

Troubleshooting[edit | edit source]

Following errors may cause unreliable connection:

  • If two or more devices have same address on a single bus
  • If termination is missing or is present multiple times
  • If bus stub is too long

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