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Device connection troubleshooting

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This article helps finding cure for connection problems between PC and SimpleMotion based drive (ARGON, IONI, ATOMI etc).

Requirements for connection[edit | edit source]

Granity requires following conditions to establish connection:

Common failure reasons[edit | edit source]

  • Bus address conflicting between devices (two or more devices set to same address)
  • Missing bus termination or too long stub after termination. Correct termination is important especially if RJ45 cable is longer than 3 meters or stub longer than 0.5 meters.
    • With IONICUBE, make sure that bus termination is set on
      • IONICUBE 4 axis board rev. 007: insert jumper to JP10 position 1, see image here,
      • IONICUBE 4 axis board rev. 009 and higher: set switch S1 position 1 ON, see image here, and
      • IONICUBE 1X, set DIP switch S1 position 1 ON.
  • Use of crossover RJ45 cable. If this has been used, it might have caused damage that might prevent communication even with correct cable.
  • Device has an error state, see led indicators
  • Wrong communication interface device selected from Granity
  • SimpleMotion V2 USB adapter damaged, see testing of SMV2 adapter
  • Electromagnetic interference that is coupled to the communication cables, try separating signal and power cables and use EMI suppression cores on cables (including SimpleMotion RJ45).
  • Device has insufficient logic voltage supply causing erroneous operation or rebooting of device
  • Possibly some incompatibility with the computer, try connection from another computer
  • USB adapter has bee plugged in after Granity has been started (and because of that it is not in listed in the communication interface devices).
    • Ensure that USB device has been inserted before Granity is started.
  • Multiple communication interface devices are available and the wrong one has been chosen. Multiple SimpleMotion adapters may be listed even when there is only one SimpleMotion adapter plugged in because Granity might assume some other USB serial port to be also SimpleMotion adapter even when it's not.
    • Try all available SimpleMotion devices and see which one works.

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