Embeddable servo motor drives & controls

IONICUBE drive motherboards

IONICUBEs are motherboards for IONI drives enabling effortless installation of IONI drives. Build multiaxis motion control systems with 1 to 32 IONI drives by chaining IONICUBE motherboards.

IONICUBEs come in different variations designed for several kinds of applications from single axis systems to large multiaxis machines. Also IONICUBE schematics are provided to help customer made designs.

Assemble multiaxis drive in minutes

No matter which kind of motors you throw at it, the same solution will (almost) always suit.

Multi axis motion control board
  • Build low cost multiaxis systems

Chain IONICUBE motherboards to form 1 to 32 axis systems. Install them centralized or distributed to near motors.

  • Save your time and focus on the stuff that matters

Handy on-board features, such as on-board regenerative resistor, and motherboards' well thought connector layouts, will save plenty of your valuable time.

  • Kickstart to your own design

One way to use IONICUBE is to use it merely as development platform for your application specific board design. IONICUBE motherboards are open design, and you can grab their schematics right here.

IONI motherboards


IONICUBE is a motherboard with four IONI sockets and with combined I/O connectors for control. With SimpleMotion use, up to 32 axis can be chained into one bus.


IONICUBE 1X and IONICUBE 1X WIDE are single axis mothereboards ideal for single axis and distributed applications where drives are located near motors. With SimpleMotion use, up to 32 axis can be chained into one bus.


SimuCUBE is an application specific IONI motherboard designed for simulator applications, such as professional racing or equipment simulators. It implements on board force feedback controller logic with standard USB Human Interface Device protocol.

Compare models

Axis (chain limit)
4 (32) 1 (32) 1 (1)
Typical applications
  • CNC
  • 3D printers
  • Robotics
  • Automation
  • Distributed motion control
  • Robotics
  • Automation
  • Vehicle or equipment simulators
Logic power supply requirement
24 V

Model specific:

    • 24 V
    • 10-55 V (uses motor supply)
Motor power supply
10 - 55 V 10 - 55 V 10 - 50 V
Regenerative resistor
On-board + connector for external Connector for external On-board
Application specific I/O
  • Standard 25 pin PC CNC parallel interface
  • PWM to 0-10 V analog output (VFD)
  • Two relay driver outputs
  • All IONI drive I/O's on user connector
  • Push button inputs (14 pcs)
  • 0-3.3 V Analog inputs (10 pcs)
  • USB (SimpleMotion & USB HID)
  • Load cell input extension (up to 6 pcs)
  • Bluetooth I/O extension
Dimensions (with IONI drives)
153.5 × 120 × 43.5 mm 87 × 59 × 43.5 mm 160 × 87.5 × 43.5 mm
Warranty 24 months 24 months 24 months

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